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Disclaimer: First of all I'm not Australian, and my only exposure to the country is from watching Neighbours. (Also that film The Sapphires - and I liked Round the Twist when I was a kid. Ooh, and Noah and Saskia! And Out There... and Genie from Down Under...I'm going to stop now. The Aussies make good kids TV, don't they?) But anyway, Jess from Curiouser and Curiouser tagged me in this (thanks by the way!) and it looked fun, so here goes.

A character you want to cuddle all day long.

Not to be taken in the wrong way, but probably Ron Weasley. I'm very fond of Ron - I love how loyal he is and that he always steps up despite never getting the glory. Plus, he makes me laugh. People are very down on Ron, and he's also kind of down on himself, so I feel he could do with a hug a lot of the time. When you find out in Deathly Hallows that he think his mum loves him the least of his siblings, I think my heart broke a little bit.

A book that you love but everyone else hates

Not so much love, but I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked Mansfield Park which seems to be everyone else's least favourite Jane Austen. No, it's not Pride and Prejudice, but I thought there was a lot going for it and the character dynamics were really interesting and a bit different from her other books. Also, is vegemite just the same thing as Marmite?

  Favourite Fictional Squad

If families count, I'd say the Casson family from Hilary McKay's books (which I read as a teenager and again last year - they just get better, if you ask me). I'd like to be part of Indigo's pack.

Southern Cross 
Most Recent 5 Star read

Maybe not 5 stars, but I recently finished Sofia Khan is not obliged which I really enjoyed. Billed as Bridget Jones with a Muslim heroine, it's fun and frothy with great characters. (Read my review: here) I think I'll avoid the sequel though, looks like an ending-ruiner.

A book by an author from your country

I'm bad at reading books from other places, if I'm honest (in my defence, I read a lot of classics and childhood favourites.) I really need to fix that. Going to be boring and say Pride and Prejudice. 

A book you like to look at, but it physically hurts to read

I bought the illustrated Game of Thrones in the Christmas sales and it's beautiful. But the first book is just too sad when you know how things go down later on, especially for the Starks. I can't deal with the beginning of the end.

Ned Kelly 
A book that is really grim but an iconic must-read

I'm reading The Handmaid's Tale at the moment, which we had to read for school back in sixth form, and I'd forgotten just how much I liked it. It's horrible, yes, but really easy to read and makes you feel very angry in what I think is a healthy way. I love that it's dystopian, but the protagonist has lived through the 'time before' not just been born into this horrific world. You see how things have gradually come about, and it's chilling. I need to get caught up on the series, too, I'm like two episodes behind.

Great Barrier Reef 
A book that had you gaping in awe

Every time I read Gone with the Wind I'm stunned by just how good it is. There's so much in it, so much plot, so much character development, so little boring stuff despite it's size. If I ever wrote a book, I'd like it to be like Gone with the Wind. Minus the racism.

 A light and fluffy book you can't help but love

Gotta love a bit of Bridget Jones. Maybe she's kind of dated now but she still makes me laugh.

A genre/author you reach for to get you out of a reading slump

I usually go childhood favourite. One of the good Narnia's usually does the trick. Horse and His Boy maybe, or Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Nice and short and comforting.

So there you are. I tag anyone Australian reading this, or anyone who just fancies it :) 


  1. Ooh this looks like a fun tag! I totally agree about Ron - his sense of inferiority compared to his siblings is so sad. I still haven't read or seen The Handmaid's Tale. I'm not sure I'm emotionally prepared for it!

    1. You probably understand the titles better than I do, haha, I should probably find out who Ned Kelly is... Handmaid's Tale is intense, very good though!

  2. OH MY! I might have to do this as I'm now feeling rather patriotic! :-D (which almost never happens normally I feel rather Scottish -Dad's side of the fam)

  3. Also another person who's seen 'Genie from Down Under' !!!!!

    1. haha at least it's not just me, can't remember much about it but the theme song though!

  4. Aww fun tag! Haha, oh yes I've never read Gone With the Wind and quite often forget that its a book. That's says a lot that the book is interesting and well-paced; most classic "epic" novels that I have read tend to drag on.
    Haha, not only do I not know what what vegemite is... I'm clueless at what marmite is.
    Yes, C.S. Lewis is always a comforting read. :D

    1. Thanks! Yes, Narnia definitely makes good comfort reading! Classic novels can drag but I think Gone with the Wind is so different because it was popular fiction at the time, and not really meant to be 'literary'. And Marmite is the food of the gods :)


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