Disney's Beauty and the Beast: Live action (2017) vs Cartoon (1991)

At the weekend I went to see Disney's new live-action Beauty and the Beast. After months of casting announcements, teaser trailers and 'first-look' clips, anticipation was high. But did I enjoy the final result? Yes, very much. I still prefer the original and (although it's probably made millions already and I'm very glad they did make it) the re-make was totally un-necessary. Still, there was lots to like and I wasn't disappointed.
Although based on the classic fairy-tale, Disney's 1991 film put it's own stamp on the story, and is now so integrated into popular culture that chances are, when you think Beauty and the Beast you'll think of talking candlesticks, the bookish Belle and 'crazy old Maurice'. As the first Disney animated film with a credited female screenwriter, Linda Woolverton's Belle is one of the most forward thinking heroines, and, as their budding relationship is prime focus of the story, the Beast is the first Disney prince to be as well-developed as his princess. The re-make attempted to build on the progress that the animated film made, but unlike with Cinderella and The Jungle Book, there's not much progress left to be made. We don't really want or need change from the re-make, so what's left to do? The new film is very faithful to the original - sometimes even frame to frame, but lets talk about the little changes.
In the lead up to he film, there was a lot of talk about Belle being 'an inventor' in the place of Maurice. That bothered me a little, because I felt they were trying to make her more of a 'feminist' (when she already is a feminist character) by making her smart in a different, more-valued-because-it's-more-traditionally-masculine way. She's already an intelligent, intuitive woman in a book-smart way! Whatever I thought about it wasn't really important however, as the inventor thing felt like a side-note added at the last minute. The only evidence we saw of Belle the inventor was the washing machine - and in fact, I found myself wishing they'd made more of that scene. It could have been very dramatic and emotional, but it kind of ended up as a wasted opportunity. 
They also needed to add some back-story, and so Belle and the Beast both get some sad family history involving the death of their mother. (Of course, this is Disney after all.) No spoilers, but I think Belle's back-story worked. It created a very touching relationship between Belle and her father (Kevin Kline, lovely and under-stated in his role) and culminated in a surprising and moving scene between Belle and the Beast, which I felt stepped their relationship up a notch. There wasn't really any logic to the magic book, but whatever. The Beast's backstory was less convincing, and I wonder why they bothered. It was supposed to explain why the enchantress cursed the servants too, but I would have left that line out. Not a good enough reason to curse people. Then there's the LeFou thing. In all the fuss around his sexuality, I was expecting something more than a few longing looks at Gaston and a 'moment' dancing with a man in a dress. If that's Disney's first attempt at portraying a gay character in a kids film, it's not exactly progressive. In real life, gay men are not all super flamboyant and spend their time creepily pining after their straight friends. Just look at Luke Evans, for one.  (Also LeFou's redemption at the end? I can see they were trying to make him vaguely sympathetic but did he really deserve to get off scot free? He stood by while Gaston did a lot of bad things. And the way things ended with the villagers didn't convince me either.) I'm nit-picking now, but on the whole I was cool with the little tweaks the re-make made. The new songs were lovely (doesn't Dan Stephens have a nice voice?) and the prologue worked well I thought. I also liked the little nods to the original fairy-tale - Maurice taking the rose, for example.
So, what did I love? I loved that that they made it a proper musical, with big old-fashioned production numbers. The 'mob song' was a surprise favourite and they did 'Belle' and 'Gaston' so well. And 'Be Our Guest'! They were all great, actually. Luke Evans really shone (although I was expecting that) and Ewan McGregor's accent didn't annoy me too much at all. The casting was good, on the whole, and Emma Watson, who I was particularly worried about, was great, in the end. I still don't think she's a very good actress, but she's very beautiful and there's a likeable charisma about her. She's charming, and I thought she was well-cast. Plus, she's well-practised in acting with all that CGI because of Harry Potter.  Her costumes were fab and the yellow dress was gorgeous - particularly from the back when you could see the layers - and I liked the way it moved. The ballroom scene was also lovely, although it didn't quite give me the same chills that the original always does.

Overall, I would highly recommend going to see Beauty and the Beast. The original is perfect and can't be beaten, but this was a nice homage, made faithfully and with love. It was lavish and lovely to look at, the cast was good and the feel and heart of the original is well in tact. It's fun and easy watching, and I'm sure I'll go and see it at the cinema at least once more!

Have you seen it yet? What did you think?
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  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Catherine! I felt the same way. Luke Evans was hands down the best of the bunch. I enjoyed the development of Belle and Beast's relationship too - it felt like they actually had things in common that they could bond over, rather than them simply falling in love due to proximity and because he's actually kind. Though I kept waiting for her to ask for his name, and she never did! I love the rose and Beast's reasoning for locking Maurice up over it; it made sense to me why he was so hostile about it. Like you, I'm not convinced about LeFou's redemption either. It could've done better, especially if they were going to use it to promote the movie.

    1. I know what you mean about them having things in common - because in the old film the Beast seems like he'd never really been in the library for himself, whereas in this one he was a reader like Belle. That was sweet :D I'm kind of glad that she didn't ask his name though. Anything would sound odd, I'm too used to him just being 'Beast'! Glad you liked it too :)


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