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Last year I did a post with my sisters and my mum, 'critiquing' the Oscar dresses, although you couldn't exactly call it that. It was more like chatting random rubbish, but it was good fun, so I thought I'd record our ill-informed opinions on this year's outfits too. We've no Genevieve this year (she's away at uni in Bath) but my dad stepped in instead. Hope you enjoy! Firstly though, a disclaimer: I know all of these dresses are beautiful really, as are the people in them. And Rosie says to tell you she'd had a tooth out yesterday (or part of a tooth, the dentist yanked at it for ages but didn't manage to get the whole thing and she's been referred) so was in pain and feeling less kindly than usual.

Ruth Negga


Mum: I'm not sure I liked her dress
Rosie: No I didn't.
Me: I think it's nice. I like her headband thing and the earrings. But it looks like something out of, what was that film? Crimson Peak.
Rosie: Yes.
Dad: It looks like there's a big blue stain on it.
Me: No, that's a ribbon, it's supposed to be there. Something to do with the Muslim ban? [It's to support the American Civil Liberties Union, read more here]

Emma Stone


Rosie: Yeah, I like that.
Mum: Mmm. I don't think I do.
Me: Do you not? I do, it's like, 20's. The fringe.
Rosie: It looks good on her though, doesn't it?
Mum: Well I mean it's...nice.

Janelle Monae


Mum: That's very Elizabethan.
Me: Yeah, it looks like something off Reign.

Taraj P. Henson


Me: That's nice. Her figure looks great.
Rosie: It's blue?
Me: I think so - and velvety? Flattering on her.


Nicole Kidman


Me: They're all wearing this funny colour. This funny, washed-out...I mean, it's pretty though.

Viola Davies


Me: Do we like this one? It's a good colour on her.
Rosie: Bit boring.
Mum: I like it I think.
Me: Dad?
Dad: Too red.

Octavia Spencer


Mum: I liked this fluffy one.
Rosie: I like the top bit, I don't like the bottom bit.
Me: It might have been more flattering if it went straight down.

Isabelle Hubert


Dad: Her head looks stuck on.
Me: We're supposed to be commenting on the dresses.
Dad: The dress? Makes her head look stuck on.
Mum: I like it, it looks very simple. Very French.

Naiome Harris


Dad: It makes her shoulders look too skinny.
Me: It's okay, but -
Rosie: Yeah, it's a bit of weird shape.

Viggo Mortensen


Mum: Oh is that Aragorn? He looks good, doesn't he!
Me: He looks great.
Dad: Who's that?
Me: Viggo Mortensen. Aragorn.
Dad: Oh, yeah.
Me: I think he gets better with age.
Dad: But does he get any parts?
Me: Yeah, that's why he's at the Oscars. He's nominated.

Dakota Johnson


Mum: Mmmm...
Dad: Mess, really.
Mum: Yeah, I think it's a mess too.
Me: I think it looks a bit like...on that wedding dress programme, Something Borrowed, where they make over the Mum's wedding dress. Before they change it, and it looks a bit yellowed. It's that colour again.

Halle Berry

Mum: Is that Halle Berry with the hair?
Rosie: Is that her real hair, do you think?
Mum: I like that, one of my favourites. I love the bodice of that dress, and the way it moves.

Jamie Dornan


Me: Why are all the men wearing white? (Dev Patel was too.) He looks like a waiter, but scruffy.
Rosie: He looks like he'd bottle you.

Riz Ahmed:


Dad: He looks like he's got bandy legs.
Me: Look, let's concentrate on the outfits:
Dad: No, but what he's wearing, makes his appearance like that. So it is relevant.

Chrissy Teigen


Mum: I don't really know what that does for her body shape.
Me: No, it makes her boobs look big. But not in a good way.
Mum: The drape thing looks odd.
Me: If it didn't have the slit, it'd be nice. It'd balance out more.
Rosie: Yeah.

Brie Larson


Me: I like that.
Mum: Yes, I think that's very nice.

Kirsten Dunst


Me: Not sure on that one.
Rosie: No, makes her look short, the way it's cut.
Dad: I think it's ok.
Me: It's a bit T.K Maxx.
Rosie: Yeah, definitely.

Karlie Kloss


Me: That looks nice, I like the shoulder, the cape bit.
Rosie: She looks like she's draped in a hospital curtain.
Dad: Her head looks like it's hovering above her neck.
Rosie: Isn't that what most people's heads are like?
Dad: Yeah, I know but it looks like there's a gap between the neck and her chin.
Mum: It's too white.
Dad: Yeah, she looks like she's just wrapped a bed sheet round her.

Emma Roberts


Mum: Er...no.
Dad: Vile.
Rosie: No, that's not bad, I don't mind it.
Me: I think it's nice but it annoys me with the necklines...
Mum: They're all too low.
Me: Not too low, just too wide apart. It should be a V-neck not a U- neck.
Dad: It looks like they haven't actually finished making it.
Rosie: I like Dad's comments - they give an interesting viewpoint.
Dad: I haven't really seen a nice dress yet.

Hailee Steinfield


Mum: I'm not fussed.
Dad: I think the dress is nice, it's just her.
Me: I like her, what's wrong with her?
Dad: No, but that dress is very nice, it just needs to be on somebody else.

Olivia Culpo


Me: I like that.
Mum: I like it, but the cleavage is all too low.
Dad: Her arm looks very long, doesn't it? Her right arm.
Rosie: I like it, I like the little black ribbon.
Mum: Yeah, that ribbon adds, doesn't it.


Felicity Jones


Dad: It's alright.
Me: It's not flattering.
Rosie: No, it's wrong somehow.
Me: It's pretty, but it makes her look like she's got a big waist, and she's tiny in real life.

Leslie Mann


Me: I like that, but I don't think the colour suits her. But it is nice.
Dad: I like that.
Mum: It did look good actually when you saw her moving round in that, I have to say. A lot of swish to it. She obviously went for the Beauty and the Beast look, didn't she?

Andrew Garfield


Dad: Oh, was Andy Murray there?
Rosie: It's not Andy Murray, It's Andrew Garfield.
Me: From 'Spiderman'.
Dad: Oh, he looks like Andy Murray.

Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso


Me: Oh, that must be Matt Damon's wife. I like her dress - I think?
Rosie: It's okay.
Me: It's a bit futuristic.
Mum: But also sort of 1930's sort of style.

Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips


Me: I know that one in the Green, what's she off?
Dad: Judy Dench?
Rosie: Judy Dench?
Me: Dad, have you got your glasses on?
Dad: The one on the left?
Mum: She's just got a Judy Dench haircut.
Me: That's Michelle Williams. No, she does look a bit like Judy Dench there actually.
Rosie: She does.

Laura Dern


Me: That's nice.
Mum: Just simple and a bit classy.
Rosie: Kind of starry.

Alicia Vikander


Me: Right, I saw this in another picture and it looked better.
Mum: I saw her presenting the prize in it and it looked really good actually - but I'm sure the woman announced her as 'Olivia' Vikander.
Rosie: I think she's very beautiful.
Me: She'd look good in anything really.

Priyanka Chopra


Dad: I like it, although it looks a bit like wallpaper.
Mum and Rosie: Yeah, it's nice.
Me: The thing is though, this doesn't have any back or sides.
Mum: It must be very revealing if it doesn't have any back or sides?
Dad: I think we need to see it from the side to get the full impact.
Me: No,  I don't think we do.

Dev Patel and Anita Patel


Me: Aw yeah, he brought his mum didn't he.
Mum: She looked very lovely in her sari-style dress. And so proud when his name came up for his nomination.

Our favourites of the night:
Me: Janelle Monae.
Rosie: Brie Larson.
Mum: Dev Patel's Mum.
Dad: Leslie Mann ("the yellow dress.")

Did you watch the Oscars this year? Who were your best - and worst - dressed of the night?


  1. Nice!! My sister and I didn't watch the Oscars, but the day after we looked at the pics and discussed if we liked or hated the dress. My favorites are Emma Stone's dress and Leslie Mann. If I wore a dress to the Oscars, I'd want to do something like Leslie's. Some of the dresses I'm not into are the ones like Priyanka Chopra wore. Same with Brie Larson. I don't get the weird space between the front of their dress and their bust. It just looks very odd to me. However the rest of Larson's dress is beautiful. But Chopra's pattern is too like wallpaper to me.

    1. Now you say, I know what you mean about the top on Brie Larson's dress - it's like they're all going for this weird spacey thing. I think she pulled it off though :) I'd probably go for something like Viola Davies's myself - I get bored with the neutral colours, haha.

  2. Eeeeeee, I do love these sorts of posts :D

    I didn't get to see all of these, because I'm on a bit of a rush, but I loved reading your parents' comments xD

    "Bit of a mess, really."


    "I like her, what's wrong with her?"

    :D I agree on Ruth Negga's dress; I like the hair and accessories, not so much the dress itself. Also I hadn't seen Emma Stone's (or if I ha I'd forgotten it), and that's really nice! I can't decide how I feel on Hailee Steinfeld's. Part of me liked it and part of me doesn't.

    Thanks for the post!

    1. Haha, thanks :D Yeah, I couldn't make my mind up about Hailee Steinfield's either!


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