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The lovely Cilla from Paved with Books tagged me for this one - I keep meaning to do a tag of some sort so thank you!! I'm not a particularly interesting person, but if anyone wants to learn a bit more about me, here's your chance. And if you want to try this tag too, I hereby invite you :D

Vital stats

Name: Catherine Elizabeth
Nickname:  Sometimes Cath or Cathy, and Little Cath to the extended family, since my Mum's Catherine too. Although she's littler than me nowadays.
Birthday: June.
Starsign: Gemini

Hair colour: Brown
Hair length: Waist length.
Eye colour: I'd say green, but other people would probably say hazel or brown.
Best feature: I like my hair, but I should make more of an effort with it.
Braces: The dentist insisted I was fine until I turned eighteen, then he agreed that my teeth were crooked. It felt too late by then.
Piercings: Just my ears.
Tattoos: Nope.
Right or left handed: Right.


Best friend: My best friend all through primary school was called Holly. She's a mum now, which makes me feel so old!
Award: Probably something school related.
Sport: I've got no hand-eye co-ordination at all, but I did do Judo when I was eleven or twelve.
Real vacation/holiday: We visited family in Northern Ireland every year when I was little, but my first time abroad was Disneyland Paris. It was my last summer holidays before starting high school, and we went on the Euro-star, straight into the Disneyland station.
Concert: Taylor Swift.  It was the very last night of her 'Red' tour, in London. My cousin won free tickets on the radio!

(zero pounds!)


Film: Depends on my mood. But my go-to feel-good film is The Adventures of Robin Hood. Also Bride and Prejudice. And I recently discovered The Commitments, which I love.
TV Show: Right now, Game of Thrones. Also Nashville, although we're still waiting for season 4 over here. BBC Merlin was a favourite back in the day - but the ending ruined everything.
Colour: Turquoise.
Song: I don't have a favourite - but I have been listening to The Commitments soundtrack a lot :)
Restaurant: Casa Italia, a little Italian place in Liverpool.
Shop: Waterstones and any 'bits and pieces' sort of shops, like Paperchase or Utility. New Look for clothes!
Book: Probably still The Harry Potters, as well as Gone with the Wind and a little-known historical romance called My Lady of Cleeves.
Shoes: A pair of knee high boots I bought in the Monsoon sale - although, haven't had much of a chance to wear them yet, with it being summer...

'Treat her right' 'The Commitments'  
(scene not in the film, Jimmy singing lead!)


Feeling: Relaxed.
Single or Taken: Single.
Eating: Biscuits with tea.
Thinking: That I still haven't bought my dad a Father's day present. Better get on that tomorrow.
Watching: Just watched three episodes of a new BBC thing on iplayer called The Living and the Dead. It's like a creepy Larkrise to Candleford starring Colin Morgan.
Wearing: White peasant-y shirt and black dungarees. Very Mamma Mia.

(The Living and the Dead trailer)


Children: One day, hopefully. But not anytime soon.
Marriage: If the right person shows up.
Career: Writing's the dream, but I'd take anything I'm good at and halfway enjoy.
Where you want to live: I don't think I'd want to leave the UK for good - but wouldn't say no to a year or two somewhere different.

Do you believe in...

God: Sometimes. I sit on the fence a lot.
Miracles: Depends what you categorise as a miracle. Again, not sure.
Ghosts: Yes.
Soulmates: Yeah - but I don't think there's just one out there for everybody. Or that you need to find your soulmate to be happy.
Heaven/Hell: I hope there's something after we die. I don't think I believe in Hell though.
Kissing on a first date: Yeah, why not.
Yourself: Now and again.


  1. Aww I love The Adventures Of Robin Hood!! I also love turquoise. But what's strange is I own almost nothing in that color. Oh my word, watching the trailer for the Living and the Dead, Colin Morgan has grown up! How and when did this happen, lol? The show definitely looks creepy. ;)

    1. I know he looks so different! I think he's like thirty now :o And I don't have anything turquoise either, haha

  2. Bride and Prejudice! That movie makes me happy. I need to get back on Nashville, I think I've missed the entire season 4 and some of season 3. And I love that we both had Taylor Swift as our first concert! I think she's good for that as she puts on quite a show. I'm so glad you did the tag, Catherine, this was fun to read!

    1. Thanks Cilla, it was fun to write too! She really does put on a great show :) And it feels like ages since Nashville's been on over here, can't wait for it to come back!


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