The Most Underrated Best Bits of a Night Out

Had my first night in town for aaages at the weekend, when we we headed out to Liverpool for my cousin's birthday. Since this blog seems to be turning into reviews, reviews, reviews, I thought I'd change things up a bit and talk about those bits of going 'out out' that no one thinks to praise. It's easy to rave about making new friends in the ladies or discovering a great new place - but you should never underestimate the simpler pleasures - like that feeling when your heels come off!

1.When that awkward first hour is out of the way

Those early stages of a party or pre-drinks - waiting for people to arrive, trying not to worry about how cold it'll be outside, sitting tentatively on the edge of a friend's sofa sipping your first drink of the night - is kind of awkward. It's like the warm up, and even with people you know really well there'll probably be a bit of tentative small-talk. But soon the conversation warms up (or the alcohol kicks in) and you remember why you wanted to go out in the first place - to have fun with some great people.

2.When you finally start dancing

Family party, wedding or night in town, you never really feel like you're making the most of your night until you've had a dance.

3.When the 'good' music moves over to make way for the cheese

Unless you're in PopWorld or somewhere similar, you'll probably be dancing to whatever the (most likely annoying) DJ classes as 'good' music. But lets be honest, as the night goes on and they start slipping in the odd bit of Spice Girls or even the Fresh Prince theme, you'll be singing along like you've been waiting all night for this. And you have really, haven't you?

4.When you take your heels off!!

So the floor might be filthy but the relief you feel when you give up the ghost and take off those shoes is so worth it. Why do we do it to ourselves? Every time I have the same thought process: I'll have a five minute sit down and hold out for another hour. It's too early. Then eventually the shoes come off and I think - who would actually have cared if I'd just been wearing flats the whole time? Yes, my legs would look a bit stumpier, but I'd also be in a lot less pain right now. Who am I really trying to impress?

5.When someone says "Should we go after the next song?"

I love a good night out, but when you're two-stepping with your eyes half closed and your shoes off at four in the morning, the first person to say 'lets go' can feel like a guardian angel. Although the very end of the night can be fun too. In Liverpool we usually call a taxi to the cobbles outside the art gallery and I love walking back through the gardens, with all the fairy-lights in the trees. The city has some beautiful places after all , in addition to the great night life.

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