Sansa and Arya update: Our babies all grown up!

Last august we welcomed two new additions into our family - kittens, Sansa and Arya. Now those kittens have turned into cats, and although I miss how tiny and sweet they were (see here!) I really don't miss the stress. Seriously, people say getting a puppy is the best way to prepare you for kids, but I'd recommend kittens all the way. Dogs don't get so much freedom, but with cats there comes a moment where you have to let them out in the big wide world, all on their own, and try not to worry yourself sick. They could get run over, or attacked by a big dog or another cat - the possibilities for worry are endless. We were stressed enough letting them upstairs (what if they fell through the banisters? Or drowned in the toilet??) and although they're nearly one now, we still get panicked if they're not back in the house by a certain time. Seriously, I don't know how parents do it.

Sansa (above)

Arya (above)

They've passed some big milestones this year. First Christmas (they loved the tree!) first long car journey (we took them with us on a weekend to family - couldn't bear to leave them in the cattery!) Arya got in her first fight (I ran out to break it up, but she seemed to do okay. She got lots of the other cat's fur under her claws anyway) and Sansa caught her first bird (we managed to rescue it, but she'd been playing with it for a while first.) People say animals don't have personalities, but tell that to our cats. To our surprise, Sansa turned out to be the boss, as she was always the more timid when they were smaller. Arya's still the more adventurous, but Sansa's definitely in charge. They don't play fight so much, which I miss, but they're still pretty affectionate with each other. I'm glad we got sisters :)

Anyway, apologies for going all cat lady, but got some nice pictures so felt the need to share! 


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