Favourite Time-slip Adventures

I was in HMV a while back, when my friend handed me Kate and Leopold. We were scouring the cheap DVDs and here was one I hadn't seen before. An early 2000's romantic comedy with Meg Ryan? With a young Hugh Jackman as her leading man? She's a modern career woman and he's a 19th century gentleman who falls through a portal in time? Why hadn't I seen this film?!! Probably because it's terrible, I concluded. But I bought it anyway and last week I finally got around to watching it. At first it was terrible - but enjoyably, laugh-out-loud terrible. And then I got into the story and it actually turned out to be pretty good. Kate and Leopold might be fluff but the (great) cast take it seriously and turn what should be Movies24 level fare into something better.  

Anyway, if nothing else it made me realise that I love a good time-slip drama, so I've brought some of my favourites together in this list. 

Back to the Future

Time slip or time travel - is there a difference?  Who cares, I couldn't make a list like this without including Back to the Future. When circumstances and a time machine made out of a delorean find Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) stuck in 1955, he must do everything he can to get back to the future without messing with the space time continuum. This means avoiding the advances of his mother and making sure his parents fall in love, all with the help of friend and inventor Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd). An eighties classic, Back to the Future is clever and funny with so many great scenes. So great in fact that they repeated them all in the terrible sequel - the third film is good though, and set in the Wild West!


Now on it's second series, Outlander, based on the books by Diana Gabaldon, is the story of a WW2 nurse who, while on her second honeymoon is Scotland, is transported to 1743. Falling in with a band of scots, she meet the lovely Jamie (like, really lovely) and the evil Black Jack Randall. It's a great premise, with a really good cast and a strong heroine. Scotland looks gorgeous too. All I'd say, is it's a bit slow at times (see my review here.) Shown on Starz in the US, although the first series is available on Amazon Prime and box-set over here too.

Kate and Leopold

Of course it made the list! Leopold (Hugh Jackman) is an English lord and aspiring inventor unsatisfied with his lot, when he follows a man with a strange contraption into another world. Modern day New York to be precise. Here he encounters career woman Kate ( Meg Ryan post all that surgery - why did she do that to herself?) and her brother (Breckin Meyer). The cast is great, Hugh Jackman looks gorgeous and the story is cute, if predictable. The two leads don't really have enough chemistry and the script is...interesting...but I haven't laughed so much in a long time.

Lost In Austen

Amanda Price is an ordinary girl who re-reads Pride and Prejudice over and over and wishes for a bit more romance in her life. Then one day Elizabeth Bennet turns up in her bathroom and Amanda finds herself thrown into her favourite novel - but how can she keep the story on track when she's there instead of Elizabeth? I had mixed views on Lost in Austen. It was mostly hilarious, I loved all the mix-ups, I liked what they did with Wickham (although I thought he was going to be from the future like Amanda, anyone else?) and Hugh Bonneville made a cracking Mr. Bennet.  But sometimes the humour got a bit coarse (the Mr. Collins stuff, ugh,) and Amanda annoyed the hell out of me. Plus, where was she getting her straighteners from? 

Bill and Ted's Most Excellent Adventure

Now this really is a classic. It's ridiculous, but it's a classic. (Weren't they going to make a third one at one point, what happened there?) Bill and Ted are wannabe musicians flunking history class, so when they stumble over a tardis, *cough* sorry, time machine (Americans hadn't heard of Doctor Who back then so I guess it was easy to rip off)  they decide to go back and find some historical figures for their report. This is the sort of film you have to watch on a Sunday afternoon, but I still love it. 

Any most excellent time travel films or series' I've missed out? 


  1. Yay! I love time-slip films/series. Back to the Future is a classic and Kate and leopold is so cute and hilarious.

    Have you seen any of the old Star Trek films? The Voyage Home is hilarious (and super dorky) and all about time travel. I also liked X-men: Days of our Future Past which had time travel in it. I also recently watched a movie called Timeline where archaeological students time travel to medieval days. The movie wasn't that good but it held my interest lol.

    I don't know if you've seen any Korean Dramas but I love them and I've seen quite a few fun time-slip ones including Splash Splash Love, Queen Inhyun's Man, and Rooftop Prince. I wrote an article about all my favorite time travel dramas a little while ago, lol. But time travel is just so fun!

    1. I'll watch anything with Time travel, haha. I've still not seen 'Days of future past' but I really want to, I liked X-Men first class :D Not seen any of the old Star Trek films but did see a hilarious episode once where they ended up with Robin Hood and the Merry Men :O Maybe I should try some Korean dramas, will check out your article!


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