Top Ten Tuesday: Best Books I've Read Recently

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and this week the topic is 5 star reads or the best books you've read recently. I've really not read a lot over this last year, apart from one crazy period where I read all the Poldarks back to back. Most of the stuff I have read has been comfort-reading or things for uni, but here's the best of my remembered reading anyway.

Going Solo - Roald Dahl

I read 'Boy,' the first part of Roald Dahl's autobiography, when I was a kid, and really enjoyed it. That book takes you up to the moment when he leaves school, while Going Solo deals with his time working for Shell in Africa and flying planes in the first World War. It's written like a children's book, but Dahl's around my age throughout the story so it was the right time to read it I think! It was a fun read but made me feel like I should have done more with my life by now...

Jeremy Poldark - Winston Graham

I re-read Jeremy and Warleggan this past week, and I've decided that Jeremy is my favourite. It's got the big trial scene, the beginning of Caroline and Dwight's relationship, all the smuggling stuff at the end and Ross throwing Warleggan down the stairs. Series 2 is going to be interesting.

J.RR Tolkien: A Biography  - Humprey Carpenter

This was so much more interesting than I thought it'd be, as the biographer has a really read-able writing style. Tolkien sounds like an interesting guy, if a bit awkward at times. Worth a read for any Tolkien fans.

Gone with the Wind  (re-read) - Margaret Mitchell

I think this will always be one of my favourites. I picked it up again a while ago, just to re-read my favourite Rhett bits, but I got sucked in and ended up reading the whole thing. 

Career of Evil - Robert Galbraith

This was my favourite Cormoran Strike mystery so far, I think because I know the characters so well by now. It's very gruesome but I love Robin and Strike, and it was a fast read.

Funny Girl (re-read) - Nick Hornby

Reading this again, I enjoyed it as much as the first time, although it does lag off a bit at the end. I liked the 1960's setting and the ensemble cast of characters, as well as Nick Hornby' writing style. 

Save the Cat - Blake Snyder

Sub-titled 'the last book on screen-writing you'll ever need' this was an interesting read for a film fan. I especially like the stuff about what sort of events happen at what time - your catalyst around page 12, something big happening 25 minutes in - I don't know how accurate it all is but I liked trying to apply the logic to the films I was watching.

Dustbin Baby (re-read) - Jacqueline Wilson

Sometimes I'll pick up an old Jacqueline Wilson when I want an easy read. The writing might be simple, but I always forget that they're anything but light and Dustbin Baby is one of the most intense. I cried all the way through - her books seem even darker now than I they did when I was younger.

Sharpe's Tiger (re-read) - Bernard Cornwall

My reading habits are really not very varied. I started reading my way through the Sharpe series just after I left university, but like with any long series, some of the books are great, while others are a bit meh. Sharpe's Tiger is the first chronologically and still one of my favourites.

Feeling the Vibes and Living the Dream - Annie Dalton

Okay, so these two are a long way off 'five star' reads, but I read all the Mel Beeby books as a teenager and hadn't realised until recently that another three had been written since I finished the series. I still haven't read Going for Gold, but I saw the last two in a second-hand book shop and was pleased to finally get some closure on Mel and Reuben!


  1. Great list! I'm considering buying The Cuckoo's Calling even though it isn't really my genre, I'm still really interested in the series!

    1. Thanks :D I don't really read detective stuff either, but the characters are good, and obviously J.K Rowling's writing!

  2. I need to read more Roald Dahl!

    1. haha me too! I want to read his adult stuff at some point, 'Tales of the Unexpected' and all that :)

  3. Reading those Poldark books is something I *must* remedy soon-ish. I even bought the first book so that's a start! :)

    1. Definitely a start, haha - I can't wait for series 2!


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