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Having just watched the 2016 Oscars (or fast-forwarded through last night's recording, anyway) I thought I'd do a post about the dresses. Yes, as a screen-writing student,  I should probably be talking about the actual films and who got what awards  - but I've only seen Brooklyn, so I'm not going to. (Although, how lovely is Mark Rylance? So happy he won.) Anyway, none of the dresses exactly wowed me this year (nothing really has, since Lupita Nyong'o a couple of years back) but there were still a lot of beautiful gowns on show. I watched with my two sisters, Rosie and Genevieve, and my mum and kept a note of everyone's comments. As you'll probably be able to tell, we know nothing at all about fashion. But here are our (very uninspired) thoughts anyway.

Emily Blunt

Gen:    Best pregnant lady dress ever. She's pregnant, isn't she?
Rosie:  It's alright, it's not hideous. 

I liked it. She definitely had the best-dressed pregnancy.  

Charlize Theron

Rosie:  Charlize Theron looks glam... actually it's not as nice as I thought it was. Something about the way it's cut? The straps make it look cheaper. 

Cate Blanchett

Mum: I loved the colour on her, and it's beautifully made.
Rosie: Too frou frou.

This was probably my favourite. Loved the colour and thought it looked great on her.

Jennifer Lawrence

Mum: I don't think I'm fussed really.
Gen:   It's odd. But I like it.
Rosie: I like the idea of it, but it looks a bit plucked. Like some feathers have fallen out.

Saoirse Ronan

Rosie: Nice, but a bit disco-y.
Gen:   It should either come out more at the bottom, or not have had the train at all.

I wasn't sure on the dress, but I thought she looked beautiful in that colour and I liked her hair and make-up.

Whoopi Goldberg

Mum: I like the dress. I don't like her tattoo. 
Gen:   It's a bit like's she's in mourning, in Gone with the Wind.

Heidi Klum

Rosie: I like the colour and the skirt, but she should have done either the sleeve or the front slit. Not both. 

Tina Fey

Rosie: Nice colour on her.
Gen:   Bit plain. 

I thought this was really flattering on her, but it might have looked more fashion-y with big earrings instead of that necklace? 

Alicia Vikander

Mum: Ooh, I love that dress.
Gen:   That's beautiful. The tucked up bit is a bit different. But it works. Modernises it. 

Margot Robbie

Mum: I don't like the dress and I don't like her hair styling. 
Gen:   If she had red lipstick I think it'd look better.
Rosie: She looks like she should be in Back to the Future II.

Olivia Wilde

Me: What do you think of her dress?
Rosie: Boobs. 
Me: Too much cleavage?
Rosie: Yes. Less is more. 

Rachel McAdams

Rosie: Yeah, I do like that actually.
Gen:    Do I like the slit? I don't know.
Mum:  Her make-up's done nice to match it.

I thought the colour was nice, but wasn't sure on her hair.

Jennifer Garner

Mum: Do we like that?
Gen:   Yes, I do.
Mum: I'm not sure about the off the shoulder thing.
Rosie: No. You know how I feel about A-symmetric dresses. [She has a weird hatred of them.]

Charlotte Rampling

Mum:  I like it. Classic and elegant and very age appropriate. Because she's about seventy isn't she? [She is seventy, I googled it.]

Isla Fisher

Mum: I just feel it's a touch informal. Pretty for - a summer wedding or something.
Gen:   She's married to Sacha Baron Cohen isn't she? I don't think I like her.

I liked her hair, but did think the dress was too informal as well. I loved her BAFTA's dress though.

Brie Larson

Mum: It looked much better on TV than it did in the still.
Rosie: Not loving the belt.
Gen:   It's nice.

Daisy Ridley

Mum: I liked this when I saw it very much. It was Oscar-ish, but a good style for someone young like her. 

One of my favourites too. I liked the length, it gave it a bit of a 20's/30's look I thought?

Kate Winslet

Mum: Nice fit, but no, not sure on it as a dress.
Rosie: No. Bin bag/latex/ weird porn thing. 

Priyanka Chopra

All:  Who is she? [Turns out she's a Bollywood star]
Gen: I don't know, but I like her dress.

I thought this was lovely - although a bit like a wedding dress.

Sophia Vegara

Mum: Yes, this was nice. The style looks good on her.

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  1. Haha! I love these kinds of posts, so thank you ;)

    I think my favorites of those are Alicia Vikander's and Brie Larson's. Alicia's is so unique and fresh and bubbly, I love it. And Brie's looks stunning.

    Those comments made me giggle inside xD "No. Bin bag/latex/ weird porn thing." I gotta agree with Rosie there ;)

    1. Haha you're welcome! Not Kate Winslet's finest fashion moment, I agree - and I loved Alicia's too, she always looks lovely though :)

  2. Haha this post is so entertaining! I think Alicia's dress is my favourite of the night! Someone on facebook compared it to Belle's dress in Beauty and the Beast, and I can't unsee it now. Priyanka is also the star of Quantico, which is a fantastic TV show if you haven't checked it out yet!

    1. They're right, it is very Belle! The way she has her hair as well. And Quantico looks interesting, will have to have a look at some point!

  3. Aww I loved this reading this! I actually didn't watch the Oscars this year, lol, but I love looking at fancy dresses. My favorite was Daisy Ridley's. She just looks beautiful in that dress. :)


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