Woah - I went to Ibiza!

Now that Halloween's over, according to the world of retail it's officially okay to crack on with Christmas. Since it's much too early for that in my opinion, I'm going to reminisce about the summer instead - or my summer holiday anyway, which was in September. Yes, one of the more interesting things that's happened to me in recent times, was my visit to the iconic party island immortalised in the Vengaboys song...


When my cousin Laura (Little.Red) first suggested we take a girls holiday to Ibiza (girls being me, her and my sister Rosie) saying yes was kind of spontaneous. I didn't exactly think it through and the next thing I knew, everything was all booked. Then I started to panic. I'm really not a 'party island' kind of girl. I like a night out in Liverpool as much as the next twenty-three year old, but Ibiza was going to be another level. As the months sped past (and the plan for the bikini-ready-body went well and truly out of the window) I got more and more nervous. Until finally, I decided to be excited instead. And everything came good! Ibiza was not quite what I expected - and I had a great time.

Laura, being much more pro-active and used to travelling than me and my sister, had organised pretty much everything, from flights to accommodation, and had got us booked in on a package called Together Week. I'd definitely recommend the deal to first timers in Ibiza, as they basically schedule your time for you, and your access to all clubs and events on the itinerary is free. You'll realise when you're there how important this is, as club access to the big venues can cost up to 50 plus Euros. We paid around 200 each for the whole deal (not including flights and the transfer to the airport) which was five nights (six days). Other than the price, the best thing about going on a package is you can easily get rid of those people on the beach that constantly bug you about tickets.

One thing that did worry me about the whole planned itinerary thing, was finding time just to go to the beach, or chill by the pool, or whatever. But as it turned out we still had loads of free time, as the 'day' events don't start until around 2:00pm, with some even as late as 5:00. This was our itinerary for the week:

(Day) Check-in
(Night)Bar Crawl

(Day) Holi Garden Festival (Paint party!)

(Night) Sankeys

(Day) Hotel Pool Party
(Night) Amnesia Closing Party

(Day) Boat Party

(Night) Pacha

(Day) Ocean Beach Pool party

(Night) Sunset at Cafe Mambo

We actually arrived in the early hours of Sunday morning, which meant a super uncomfortable night sleeping on sofas in the bar area of our hotel (the Ibiza Rocks in San Antonio), but also a lovely morning spent snoozing on the first beach we could find. Then it was back to base, and after  a stressful few hours involving a mix up with our hotel booking and a lost purse - it was actually in my suitcase the whole time - we were ready for the real holiday to begin. 

The week went pretty fast after that initial disaster day. My best bits were the Total Wipeout-style course at Ocean beach (I couldn't move my arms the next day, but it was worth it) and the Holi Garden festival - a powder paint party held at an old abandoned zoo, with live music (the saxophone guy was amazing!) and regular countdowns where we'd all crouch down then jump up throwing powder paint everywhere. My favourite nights were probably the bar crawl on Sunday (where I could actually afford to buy drinks and we discovered Ibiza's answer to Popworld) and the Amnesia closing party, where Sigma and Chase and Status played until 5 in the morning. I also loved everywhere we ate out - from the English breakfast that first day, to a gorgeous Italian meal at Geppetto's and my personal favourite, Rita's Cantina, where I had the best Mexican burrito. We never did find anywhere to eat Tapas...

I'm not going to lie, there were some low lights too. Everything is way overpriced (10 euro for a shot in Amnesia! No wonder there were so few drunk people), Sankeys wasn't great and the boat party involved more throwing up than I'd envisaged. Still, I had a great week. The atmosphere on the island is very different from what I imagined - hardly any drunks for a start, and everywhere felt pretty safe and relaxed. We even made friends! I usually avoid other people like the plague on holiday, but going places with the Together week group made it easier to meet people, in a freshers week sort of way. The public transport is also good and cheap-ish - I love the 'disco bus' and the licensed taxis are easy to spot (they're the white ones.)

Overall, it was a fun week, and nothing to worry about. And now I can say that I've done Ibiza!


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