The Poppies come to Liverpool!

(Note: this post should have gone up on the 11th, but I couldn't find the bloody camera wire. I still can't so sadly these aren't the pictures that I specially went into Liverpool to take, but I'll put them up when I find it - these come from the Liverpool Echo and Telegraph websites if you want to see more of the same.)

Last year, for Remembrance day, the tower of London hosted a stunning art display, to commemorate the hundred year anniversary of the First World War. Titled Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red the installation featured 888,246 red ceramic poppies cascading from the tower, each poppy representing a British soldier killed in WW1 alone. It's pretty grim really, but gorgeous to look at.

Anyway, this year, some of those poppies made their way to Liverpool, and so on Remembrance Day (11th November) I nipped over to have a look. The Liverpool installation, titled the 'Weeping Window' might be just a small piece of the picture, but it's humbling to think that those flowers represent the lives of real people, just some of the many who died fighting. This time, the poppies flow from the pillars of St. George's Hall in the city centre (where just last week Warner Brothers were busy filming the new Harry Potter prequel) and near to the war memorial, where poppy wreaths have also been laid.

For those that don't know, Remembrance day (also known as Armistice Day or Poppy day) is when we celebrate the end of the First World War and the lives of all those who fought for their country in that and every war since. People wear paper poppies on their coats and lay wreaths on war memorials, and there's a two minute silence both on Armistice day itself (at 11 o'clock, the time the war ended) and also on the nearest Sunday. (As a side note though, I don't think people should be forced to wear a poppy, as seems to be the case in the last couple of years - how do we know most of those BBC people weren't just handed the obligatory poppy before they went on screen, rather than buying it themselves on the street? Charity's not charity if you're forced into it - but I'm getting off the point.)

Anyway, the poppies are in Liverpool, and if you're a local (or not!) the 'Weeping Window' display really is worth going to see.


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