Harry Potter Illustrated Edition!

So my Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone illustrated edition arrived this week. I'd thought my Harry Potter obsession was waning (I've not re-read the books in a couple of years now and I'm losing all my knowledge!) but seeing a preview of some of the gorgeous illustrations, I could barely wait to order my copy.

Illustrated by Jim Kay, who recently won the Greenaway medal for A Monster Calls, the book includes more than a hundred full colour illustrations, and is a big, fat, heavy thing with glossy pages. It's strange seeing the characters depicted differently from the actors in the films, as well as from the way I see the characters in my head (Hagrid is basically the same in all three versions, but otherwise they're very different.) You forget just how young they all are in the first book. I like that Hermione is a bit plainer than as depicted by Emma Watson, and her hair is properly bushy. Not quite decided on Ron, but I love Harry! He's too adorable.

I've had a quick flick through, but I can't wait to read it properly looking at the pictures as I go along (I'm such a saddo). They're bringing out the books's year by year, which is so exciting - but I can't imagine how huge Order of the Phoenix is going to be! Goblet of Fire is my favourite, but since I've got a while to wait for that one I'll have to put it to the back of my mind - otherwise I will quite possibly go mad.

I'm really pleased with the illustrations, the one with Harry and Dumbledore (from the Mirror of Erised chapter) is, possibly my favourite. Poor little Harry! Anyway, if you haven't gathered by now, this book was definitely worth the £27.00 from Bloomsbury. I might not ever have kids, but if I do, this will be the version of the story that I read to them.


  1. G'day! I stumbled across your blog through my friend Naomi's (Wonderland Creek) and oh my goodness another Harry Potter fanhat adores this edition as much as I do! :-D It seams we have a lot in common, hope you don't mind if I have a look at your other posts?

    1. Of course not! Look away, thanks for stopping by :D It is a lovely edition, can't wait to see the others!


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