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Halloween Films for the 'Horror' Haters

As holidays-where-you-don’t-get-the-day-off go, Halloween is probably my favourite (followed a close second by Bonfire night.) If only because it’s so different. Rather than family gatherings and big dinners, Halloween is about dressing up and scary stuff. It’s a bizarre thing to celebrate, but I love it. As a kid, there was something weirdly exciting about putting on a costume and going out at night, in order to get sweets and maybe join in the odd game of duck-apple.  Even though I was only ever allowed to go to the houses of people I knew, I had enough family in the area to make a proper night of it and the atmosphere on Halloween night still gives me that bit of a thrill.

The issue is that once you’ve passed the Trick-or-Treating stage – and unless you’ve been invited to a party – Halloween can be a bit boring. You feel like you should do something to mark the occasion, but there’s not a lot of options. I’ve done a haunted hayride, a Halloween themed maize maze and a Harry Potter…

Harry Potter Illustrated Edition!

So my Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone illustrated edition arrived this week. I'd thought my Harry Potter obsession was waning (I've not re-read the books in a couple of years now and I'm losing all my knowledge!) but seeing a preview of some of the gorgeous illustrations, I could barely wait to order my copy.

Illustrated by Jim Kay, who recently won the Greenaway medal for A Monster Calls, the book includes more than a hundred full colour illustrations, and is a big, fat, heavy thing with glossy pages. It's strange seeing the characters depicted differently from the actors in the films, as well as from the way I see the characters in my head (Hagrid is basically the same in all three versions, but otherwise they're very different.) You forget just how young they all are in the first book. I like that Hermione is a bit plainer than as depicted by Emma Watson, and her hair is properly bushy. Not quite decided on Ron, but I love Harry! He's too adora…

Introducing Sansa and Arya

This summer was not my favourite ever. Everyone in my life seemed to have more problems than usual, and having passed the year mark as an agent in a call-centre, work was starting to take it's toll on me. Then a little girl came into the library where my Mum worked, whose cat had recently given birth to a litter of kittens. Did we want one? Of course we did! We'd take two. All five of the kittens were adorable, but these were the two we chose to take home.

Sansa :)

Arya :)
We called them Sansa and Arya - Game of Thrones is one of the things we watch as a family (yes, that does get a bit awkward) and the names seemed to suit. Sansa is tabby with a lot of ginger in her coat (her feet look like a miniature tiger's) and an orange blaze on her forehead. She's a bit more timid than Arya, who's a regular tabby. Sansa's quite adventurous too (we had to block off the chimney the first week because she kept climbing up) but Arya's definitely bolder, and less likely to…

New blog!

When I graduated from uni - a time which now seems scarily long ago - I started a blog to keep me busy, and Based on the Book was born. The idea was to review and rate TV and film adaptations of well-known books, or books that I'd enjoyed. I never thought that I'd keep it up, but I surprised myself. And now, two years on, I thought I'd try expanding a bit more. Yes, I like books, but it'd be nice to talk about other things, now and again.

We'll Meet it When it Does - named for a Harry Potter quote about not stressing about the future - will hopefully be somewhere I can talk about all sorts - life, family, work, etc. and what I'm watching, reading and doing. I have no idea whatsoever where my life's going to go from this point, but whether it goes anywhere interesting (or not) I'll try to blog about it.

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