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Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Binge-worthy Dramas

This week's Top Ten Tuesday has a TV theme for Autumn (which, as we know, is when all the best telly is on) and they're asking for some of our favourite series' for binge-ing. I probably binge watch about an equal amount with watching week by week (I'm loving The Bodyguard and Vanity Fair at the moment - also Bake-Off!) but for my list I've tried to stick to those programmes where I'll put on an episode and not emerge until hours later, disorientated with my head full of the characters.

Game of Thrones

Is this going to be a long one? There are seven seasons with one more to come, and (usually) ten hour-long episodes to a season .
Best for want to immerse yourself in a whole new world
Best avoided when...your nan/young relatives are around.
Why I love it: The incredible characters, the complexity, the unpredictability. Also the costumes.
Surprise pro: Although there's lots of grim stuff going on, GOT is not a bleak watch. The writers remember to make y…

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