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Best New Things I watched in 2018

Killing Eve

What's so great about it? The acting, the sharpness of the script, the actually interesting action scenes, the humour, and it's female driven. Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer are great! Why it appealed to me: It's fun, rather than dreary and one-note like a lot of thrillers. It's my sense of humour. I also loved waiting to see what pretty European location Villanelle would be in next, how inventive her next kill would be and what she'd be wearing!  Best Episode? The one with the kitchen scene between Eve and Villanelle. Best bit of telly this year. Reasons you might not like it? It's er... very violent. If you can't handle hairpins through the eye and that kind of thing, I would avoid.

Game of Thrones Season 7

What's so great about it? This most recent season really picked up the pace, and I love how certain characters (no spoilers!) are developing. Lots of reunions too! In general though it's the characters, the unpredictability and the story that …

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