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Australia Part 2: Cairns!

So about a month ago, back when the world was relatively normal,  I was off to Australia with my two sisters. We did a week in Sydney, and then flew to Cairns for part two of our long awaited trip.

Cairns was great, but very different from Sydney. For one, it. was. so. hot. With our pasty Irish skin it took a bit of getting used to, and thank God for air conditioning. Our apartment complex had a shared pool too, which was great. Big cities are always very international, so I guess Cairns, which is smaller and more spread out, felt more Australian? It was very tropical and not exactly designed for non-drivers. But we managed okay, and some of my favourite bits of the trip were in Cairns. We stayed in an Airbnb about ten minutes walk from Cairns Central, which has the trains and buses, and a big air-conditioned shopping centre (where we stocked up on food for the week.) The centre of town and the esplanade were maybe another ten minutes walk on top of that.

The Crystal Cascades

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