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On my radar: What I'm Loving Lately

I'm very ready for autumn now. Bring on the tights, jumpers and boots, fire lit in the evening, decent bit of telly and cold sunny days (my favourite sort of weather!) I hate New Years Eve (depressing) so September, start of a new 'school year' is when I get that fresh start sort of feeling. Haven't done a bits and pieces sort of post for a while, so I thought I'd share a few things that have made my life good lately (I still haven't thought of a proper name for these run-downs that'll stick) and made the transition into Autumn pretty painless. 
My Show

Blood Brothers

I went to see this at the weekend with my friend Hannah, sort of last minute. Despite the expectation that everyone who lives on the Mersey is duty bound to have seen this thing at least once, I wasn't that sure I'd even like it. I was told by more than one person to 'bring tissues' which obviously I ignored because I've never cried at a play in my life. It was a mistake. I …

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