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What I've Been Up to...

Happy Bonfire night people. Just checking in with another generic post as I felt like blogging today. My life isn't wildly exciting at the moment but I'm going to tell you about it anyway. :D

I got my fringe cut in! (or I got 'bangs', to translate for any Americans out there. I really don't get why you call them that??) I've been um-ing and ah-ing about getting one since I first saw Devil Wears Prada. Which was what - twelve years ago? Should give you a clue as to my general level of procrastination.

I've become a proper Proclaimers fan. I always liked 500 Miles (doesn't everyone?) and then Sunshine on Leith came along and I discovered a whole new load of their songs. But it's only since I got tickets to see their more recent tour in Liverpool that I started swotting up on them. Every single song is a tuuune and they were really great live. They didn't talk your ear off between every song either, like some people I could mention (cough* Taylor Sw…

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