Random things of late


Recently got back from a week in the Welsh Llyn Peninsula with the family, where we've been pretty much every year since I was tiny - even if only for a day trip or a long weekend. The beaches are beautiful and this time so was the weather. We explored a couple of new places too, like Criccieth Castle (a proper Welsh castle, not a Norman one) and instead of the usual caravan or tent, we booked a 'cottage' which turned out to be the east wing of a massive Jane Austen-y house built in Elizabethan times. So we upgraded a bit!

A Play...
Othello at the Liverpool Everyman

Being the cultured people that we are, my sisters and I went to see some Shakespeare at the Everyman theatre a few weeks ago. It was performed by the same rep company that did Paint Your Wagon (which I loved) and I was interested to see how they'd take on something so different. I've never studied Othello and I was only vaguely aware of the story but I really loved the production. At the beginning we were all worried we wouldn't be able to understand a word (without a teacher or our mum to translate!) but the acting was so good and you get into the swing of the language after a while. The girl playing Othello (yes I did say girl! They played it modern dress, with Othello and Desdemona as a lesbian couple) was amazing.

Book of the day...
When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit by Judith Kerr

A beautifully written memoir (in the style of a children's book) from the author of Mog, and very relevant at the moment. It tells the story of 'Anna' and her family, German Jews who flee Nazi Germany when her Hitler gets into power, and is basically about the refugee experience from a child's point of view. Really moving and interesting too. A very easy read. There are also two more books in the series (different, but still very good) which follow Anna as a teenager in England during the war, and then back in Germany afterwards with her sick mother. 

And a little trip away... 
Prior Park, Bath

This is going back a bit, but when we went to pick my sister up from Bath at the end of the uni year, we had a look around Prior park, which was gorgeous and very Pride and Prejudice-ish. Me and Gen even thought we spotted someone proposing in the distance (see that little orange dot on the top picture? That was them) Good spot for it if it was actually a proposal! Well done that guy.


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