What's on my radar: The good, the okay, and the annoying

And, with a twist on the standard 'liking' 'loving' or 'list' post, I have drawn a big arrow, on paint, to change things up a bit. Like in the magazines yano. Here's some booky/telly things I've been enjoying, tolerating, and raging about. Sometimes all at once. 

Love Island
How desperately sad, but true. I resisted last year but
this time the call was too strong. I'm getting sick of it already and I sometimes like the contestants that twitter informs me are evil. ut it's so addictive.

Persuasion by Jane Austen
Just re-read it and it's so different from the others and so much more mature  but also by far the most romantic. Captain Wentworth <3 <3


A Very English Scandal
Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw acting their socks off and funny, clever writing from Russell T. Davies. A dark, mental story but a true one.

Still Me by Jojo Moyes
A decent final instalment in the trilogy that began with the bestselling Me Before You. After You was so depressing and this is more lighthearted and more how I expected After You would be. Slow starter but worth a read. Although why we needed sequels at all I don't know.

Still good, but mostly a downer nowadays. Do you remember when Ross and Demelza had a fun, playful relationship?

The World Cup
Boring, boring, boring.

The new Mortal Engines trailer
Hester is meant to be hideously disfigured! So much so it affects her whole life. This girl could be a model, scar or no scar. I hate Hollywood.

What's been on your radar lately?


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