Tourist-ing at home: Tall ships and 'Museum of the Moon'

This Bank holiday weekend the 'Tall Ships' festival was being held in Liverpool, and since there were a few bits and pieces to see I bobbed over with the family to be a bit of a tourist, albeit on home turf. (We live the other side of the Mersey, in Birkenhead). I love Liverpool, and I'm biased, but I honestly think it's 100% worth a visit - there's loads to do, great places to eat, fab shopping and great nightlife. And I never get over that awed feeling when I walk around the Albert Dock or down on the waterfront. 

(above: Tall ships in the dock)

We went over Sunday morning and just had a wander looking at the ships and then down onto the Pierhead. I love how big and clean and European looking it all is - I love the Liver building and the mix of old and new architecture. 

(above: glimpse of 'the three graces' from the dock)  

(above: The Albert Dock)

(above: Love locks across from Birkenhead, and The Port of Liverpool Building)

Since it was only early (and so no chance my old colleagues from the cafe opposite would spot me being a tourist) we even did the cheesy taking pictures with the Beatles statue thing. And I finally looked properly at the Titanic monument and realised what it was all about - it's a statue dedicated to all the men who worked and died in the engine rooms of the Titanic and other White Star line ships that went down around the same time - a thank you for their bravery in keeping the ships going as long as they could. 

(above: Beatles statue at the pierhead and the Titanic monument to the White Star line engine room workers)


We went for a drink and some toast at the Brasco Lounge (would reccomend the sherbert lemonade!) and felt like we were on holiday now the sun was properly out. And Monday evening we popped back to see the ghost ship and the 'museum of the moon'. The Ghost ship was really clever - unless you were standing directly opposite you couldn't see anything but two jets of water, but the lighting was designed so that the ghostly form appeared as you grew closer... It was pretty cool. 

(Above: 'Ghost ship' in the Salthouse Dock)

The moon exhibit was so random but I was glad I went. It was another art installation, which consisted of a massive replica of the moon suspended in the Anglican cathedral. I'd only been in the cathedral (the Anglican one anyway) once before, for my graduation, but it's the largest enclosed space in Europe outside of St. Peters in Rome (or something like that) and it is big.  I'd never been up the tower before either, but it is really worth it. The views are fab. 

(Above: Museum of the Moon installation in Liverpool Anglican Cathedral)

(Above: The Cathedral, the Bells, and the view from the tower)

So there's a little insight into my bank holiday weekend. And how beautiful Liverpool is. You really should try it sometime. 


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