What I'm Watching/Mini reviews (because I couldn't think of a post idea again)

Time for another 'what I'm liking' post, just for something to write. Thought I'd fill you in on some of my favourites of late:

Stuff I Loved:

Black Panther

I'm not a huge Marvel fan but I actually thought this was great. It was really different and original, being centred more in Africa than America, and I thought the female characters were so strong and important without the film ever shouting 'look at these feisty women'. They were just the general, and the spy and the tech expert, and I loved that.

An Education

I don't know why it's taken me so long to watch this but it was great. It was very sad in places and it made me cry a lot but the writing and acting was just so good. There were a few scenes where I thought, urgh this is so uncomfortable (bubble and min? you would run a mile!) but it's based on a true story and I suppose the truth is uncomfortable. Really great.


I thought it would be a bit too indie for my tastes but I loved it. It went a few places I didn't expect but overall it was a teen film that was realistic and funny and it made me cry. I loved the focus on Ladybird's relationship with her mum (or mom, sorry) and also with her best friend. And it really did make me laugh a lot which I wasn't expecting. And the acting was great. Also, more female screenwriters/directors please. It makes a difference!

Miss Saigon

Not really a film, but my cousin lent me the DVD of the 25th anniversary performance and I finally got around to seeing it. Some of it was a bit uncomfortable to watch (it's about women being exploited after all, and some of the humour with the engineer felt slightly in bad taste) but I loved the songs and it was great watching a musical where you didn't know what was going to happen. And some of the acting was incredible - the girl playing Kim (Eva Noblezada) and the man playing the Vietnamese guy she'd been engaged to (Kwang-Ho-Hong) especially. She was amazing, she made me cry a few times. (I obviously cry at stuff a lot.)

Biggest disappointment:

La La Land

I'd heard it was kind of underwhelming, but I thought going into it with low expectations I'd enjoy it. Because I love musicals! What could go wrong? If I was being harsh, I'd say that the leads had no chemistry, Ryan Gosling hasn't enough charisma for a leading man, neither of them could sing or dance very well, the songs were rubbish, the characters were 2-D and it was just a bit...dull? That really is being harsh, but personally I think the musical numbers make or break a musical, and the songs just weren't much cop. Plus, I know it was an homage to 'old Hollywood', but if you've seen the tap dance numbers in Singin in the Rain, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling just look like they're playing 'musicals' in their garden at home. 

TV stuff

If I'm honest I've not been watching much TV lately - on Netflix or normal telly which is unusual for me! I enjoyed this series of Endeavour (although it's always so bittersweet knowing how he turns out) and Career of Evil, the newest Strike (J.K Rowling's crime series) although I felt they needed a third episode. And I've been watching a fair bit of Gavin and Stacey when it's on - it'll always be a favourite.

What have you been watching lately? Any good series to recommend to me?


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