Oscar dresses 2018!

I can't believe it's already a year since the last Oscars, time is flying. These posts seem to be becoming an annual thing, so here are some more of  my family and my inane comments on the Oscar fashions. (So the code is C: Me, Catherine. M: My mum - because she's also Catherine so it'd get confusing. R: Rosie, my sister, and D: my Dad, who I think chips in once.) 

Viola Davies

C: Ooh pink! Looks like the kind of dress you'd get on a cheap Barbie though.
M: Er...no I don't like it much. Too neon. And she didn't look comfortable walking in it.

Lupita Nyongo

C: Aw she always looks amazing.
M: Oh she looks amazing, she always looks so gorgeous.
C: I like that she wore her glasses.
M: Stunning.
C: Rosie?
R: What? Oh, gorg. I like the slit at the bottom of it.
M: Look how it moves, that dress, it's like liquid. 

(Safe to say I think we all have a bit of a girl crush. But the dress did look more knock-out when you saw it on the show as opposed to in the still image.)

Allison Janey

C: Oh I like that. I really like that, I like the sleeves. 
M: Yes it's quite medieval isn't it? 

Gina Roderiguez

C: Oh, it's the Jane the Virgin girl!
M: I like it, but I don't like the plunging neckline.
R: I think it's got sheer across there?
M: No,  I don't think it does.
C: I would have liked to see her in a brighter colour, but I really like it. 
M: I like how full the skirt is. 

Kelly Marie Tran

C: That's....the girl from Star Wars?
M: Again, the plunging neckline.
C: I think it works better on her because she's more...you know.
M: Yes, and it doesn't go right down to the waistband.
R: (On coming in to see the back view of the dress) I like that!
C: It is lovely from the back actually, I love the colour.
R: (On seeing the front) Not sure about the...(she indicates) but I love the flow of it.
C: I like how she's got her hair.

Ashley Judd, Anabelle Sciorra and Salma Hayek  

M: It's all very much single block colours tonight. 
C: I like Salma Hayek's - but it's a little bit like fancy dress. 
R: I like it...I think?
D: It looks like it's wrapped up in polythene.
C: The one in the middle is dressed a bit casual for the Oscars.

Nicole Kidman

C: Oh I like...wait is that a bustle? Rosie, dress?
R: Yeah nice. Oh, bustle. No. It looks like... a beetle.

(I can see now it's more like a bow. But it did look like a bustle!) 

Jennifer Lawrence and Jodie Foster

R: Is Jennifer Lawrence tall, or is Jodie Foster short? 
M: That's what I must always look like standing next to people.
C: I think it's a bit of both, and Jodie Foster's got no heels on because she's injured. Dress? 
R: Yeah, I like it. 
C: She looks like an Oscar, Oscar themed. I like her hair.

Sandra Bullock

C: She always goes for a similar thing doesn't she? And the very straight hair. 
R: No, no I don't like that. 

Christopher Walken

C: He's looking a bit rough.
R: It looks like they've got a homeless man in off the street, put him in a suit and given him a shave. 
C: Yeah, just a bit.

Emily Blunt

C: I actually quite like that for some reason. Quite princess-y.
R: Yes, I like the (french accent) Chiffon!

Saiorse Ronan

M: Oh I really like that pink one, Saiorse Ronan's wearing. That's lovely.
C: Yeah it's a pretty colour on her.

Greta Gerwig

M: What's that yellow one I keep seeing? I like that one, there, behind.
C: Is that Greta Gerwig? I think, she's the Ladybird screenwriter. I like that too, bit different. 

Emma Stone

C: She seems to be wearing...a blazer. Do you think she was just feeling casual? 
R: Nice colour on her though.
C: Yeah, she looks pretty. 

Meryl Streep

M: Meryl Streep's is very like Allison Janey's.
C: But not as nice. Bit more basic. Her glasses look cute though. 

Jane Fonda and Helen Mirren

C: They both look good. How old is Jane Fonda?
M: About 80? 
C: She's had a lot of work done. But she looks good. I like her dress best. Helen Mirren is gorgeous though. And she's not... has she had work done?
R: Probably, but if she has it's good work. 

Margot Robbie (and her Mum)

M: Oh, she's got her hair like you, Rose. 
C: Her mum is gorgeous. 
M: God, her mum's young isn't she? But then, she's not very old either I suppose. And I thought she looked nice in white, being a blonde. 
C: Here mum's dress is nice too, bit quirky. 

Rita Moreno

M: Oh yes, she wore the same dress from her first time at the Oscars, for West Side Story. The top's different though isn't it? Because it's not strapless there.
C: You're right, looks good both ways. 
M: It looks better in the original picture though doesn't it, the gold.
C: Yeah I suppose it's a bit faded. She still pulls it off though.

What were your favourite looks this year? 


  1. Yay! *claps hands* I'm so glad you did this post again this year. :)

    I loved so many of the Oscar dresses this year!! And I think I agree with most of your/your family's thoughts on most of them. I didn't love Allison Janney's/Meryl Streep's because they both seemed a bit boring to me, but the more I look at Allison Janney's, the more I wonder if I might have to rethink that . . .

    And I agree about Gina Rodriguez's and Kelly Marie Tran's looks -- I'd love them if the bodices were more closed.

    I love Lupita's, Saoirse's, J-Law's, Margot's, and Jane Fonda's!!

    Nicole Kidman's is SOOO close, for me, but I don't like the placement of the slit, or how high it goes. But I love it otherwise.

    I don't know if the color of Emily Blunt's is spot-on for her, but the more I look at it, the more I like it. It IS very princess-y.

    Thanks for the fun post!! :D Hope you're doing well.

    1. I'm good, hope you are too, and thanks! The fashion posts are fun to do :D Now you say about Emily Blunt's, a brighter colour would have been better, you're right, like a deeper blue maybe. I love the shaping of Allison Janey's but a lot of them did go for that one plain colour!

    2. Yay! Another Oscar dress post! (I didn't watch the Oscars lol so it's nice to see the dresses here)
      Hmm my thoughts:
      Lupita - always looks gorgeous in her dresses!
      Allison's red dress - yes! Love the sleeves.
      Gina - looks gorgeous. Flattering dress.
      Jennifer Lawrence - Love it! Shimmery and pretty.
      Margot - I love the dress. Very pretty. A bit bridal, though.

    3. You're right, Margot Robbie's is kind of bridal, and Gina's is a flattering shape I love how the skirt is kind of fitted but then has the train too. :D I normally just watch the highlights and the red carpet - the dresses are definitely my favourite part haha


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