10 Signs You Grew up a Harry Potter Fan

A List for the Harry Potter Generation:

You sometimes use Harry Potter as I point of reference in your everyday life  - i.e "Should I get this pink coat or is it a bit  too 'Umbridge?'" or "This article is so biased I feel like I'm reading the Daily Prophet." 

You have judged someone based purely on what Hogwarts House they identify as (so that pushy girl in the queue wearing a Gryffindor Scarf becomes a 'typical Gryffindor' or the guy with the Hufflepuff mug at your new workplace seems a safe bet to ask a stupid question.)

You have at least one item of Harry Potter related merchandise/crap in your childhood home. My personal low point was the Harry Potter Pumpkin Slushy Maker. 

The phrases "Bonus Bean Room" "Flipendo" and "Young Potter you're ugly, but what can we do?" evoke a nostalgic emotional response. And you read those last two the way they say them on the game. 

You are more open about your love for the boy wizard now, than you ever were at school. I hear plenty of people going on about how big a fan they have always been that were definitely in the closet (or should I say cupboard) about it back then. When did it become okay to shout it from the rooftops, or is it just socially unacceptable to admit you enjoy reading as a teenager?

You have queued outside a bookshop at midnight, been to a midnight film screening or can remember that agonising wait between books four and five. You can still remember the excitement of finding out what the next title would be, or who had been cast as what character.

Sometimes you smell a new book and think "brand new Harry Potter books smelled like that." And it makes you go all emotional. And seriously, not all new books smell that way - is it a certain publisher or what? 

When someone tells you they don't like the books it's a struggle not to hold it against them. Ditto if anyone tries to act like they know more about Harry Potter than you do when they clearly don't. 

The Cursed Child was disappointing. Admit it. Even if you're one of the people who are trying to make the best of things, or saw the play and can see the positives (the cast were fantastic, and the effects) you know J.K Rowling let you down with this one. I know she didn't write it, but still. The story was hers and that's the bad part.

Whenever you find out a child of your acquaintance is reading the books for the first time, it makes you happy. And you want to bombard them with questions - "where are you up to now? Have you got to that bit yet? Have you met this person? Do you want all my old Harry Potter crap because it's taking up space and I can't bear to throw it away? How about the levitating challenge? Harry Potter Cluedo?" (Although actually, that's still decent to play at Christmas...) 

Any of these apply to you? 


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