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Pride: Film review

There are some films that I'll sit down and watch to the bitter end, without fail, whenever they come on the telly and regardless of what point I come in. To me that's either testament to great writing, or at least indicates a firm favourite. Pride,  a British comedy-drama from 2014, is one of my watch-to-the-end films, and I genuinely consider it a modern classic. In my opinion it's massively underrated, very possibly because of it's subject matter. The true story of how a group of LGBT Londoners and a Welsh mining community came together during the miners' strike of the 1980's and struck a blow for solidarity and friendship, it's an uplifting, funny, warm-hearted film with a fantastic cast and a great message about sticking up for others even when it's not 'your' fight. It's fifty years since being gay became legal in the UK, and there has been  a lot in the papers and on TV this week to celebrate that fact. So, I thought it was a good ti…

The Aussie Book Tag

Disclaimer: First of all I'm not Australian, and my only exposure to the country is from watching Neighbours. (Also that film The Sapphires - and I liked Round the Twist when I was a kid. Ooh, and Noah and Saskia! And Out There... and Genie from Down Under...I'm going to stop now. The Aussies make good kids TV, don't they?) But anyway, Jess from Curiouser and Curiouser tagged me in this (thanks by the way!) and it looked fun, so here goes.

A character you want to cuddle all day long.

Not to be taken in the wrong way, but probably Ron Weasley. I'm very fond of Ron - I love how loyal he is and that he always steps up despite never getting the glory. Plus, he makes me laugh. People are very down on Ron, and he's also kind of down on himself, so I feel he could do with a hug a lot of the time. When you find out in Deathly Hallows that he think his mum loves him the least of his siblings, I think my heart broke a little bit.

Vegemite A book that you love but everyon…

Dubrovnik, Croatia :D

(Apologies in advance for holiday photo sharing!)
So, this week I got back from my holidays - three nights in sunny Dubrovnik. It was a bit last minute, my first holiday abroad in a while and my first time in Croatia. It was lovely. I booked with my friend Hannah, as we've wanted to go away for a while but never got around to organising it. I don't know what made us alight on Croatia (well, for me it was partly the Game of Thrones connection, not going to lie) but I'm so pleased we did. We stayed Airbnb, which was a much cheaper alternative to a hotel, and our host, Vanja, was lovely and picked us up from the bus station so we didn't get lost. She was also able to recommend some good places to try, and as she was local we knew to believe her! We were staying in Lapad, twenty minutes outside of the Old Town by bus, in a residential street, but just across the road from a supermarket, the touristy bit with bars and restaurants, and ten minutes walk from the beach. It wa…