Teaser Tuesday: Sofia Khan is Not Obliged

'Teaser Tuesday' is a link up hosted at The Purple Booker (I think - it keeps moving around!) To join in, turn to a random page in your current read and share two teaser sentences. This week I've been reading Sofia Khan is not Obliged by Ayisha Malik. I've been trying a few new books lately (I work in a library Saturday mornings so always like to take something home - because, free!) and it's been a while since something's really held my interest. But I loved Sofia Khan! Here's your quote:

'10:55pm. Of course it's not important whether someone's read Harry Potter or not. Except they must have been asleep for the better part of this century. Also, one shouldn't off-handedly disparage something they've not read.
11pm. Though I reserve the right to do so for self-published erotica. Obviously.'

The book has been described as a Muslim 'Bridget Jones' and although it sounds disparaging to compare the two, it is actually quite a good description. A rom-com about a thirty year old book publicist in London who has a great group of friends, worries about her weight and is always sneaking a cheeky fag? Written in diary form? Come on, there are definite similarities. The biggest one being that I loved and related to Sofia as much as, if not more than, I did with Bridget. Because she was Muslim there was also the added interest of learning something about another culture, although there are few things I need to go look up (like the India/Pakistan conflict. I feel very ignorant all of a sudden. Also some of the terms of endearment the family use.) The romance was really well done too. I liked the way Sofia's feelings were conveyed, they felt very real, and the turns things took often took me by (pleasant) surprise. I was rooting so hard for a certain someone by the end - they were so sweet together! The characters in general made the story, to be honest. They all felt like real people and I particularly liked Sofia's mum. She was unexpected, I thought.

I can't think of many negatives. Perhaps the book was a tiny bit over-long, it took me a little while to distinguish Sofia's friends from one another, and as much as I loved the ending, I don't know how convinced I was by it. (Also, I've lived in England my whole life and I've never heard of Lemon Puffs. Maybe they're a southern thing?) Overall though, this was a really great book, especially for a debut novel. It made me laugh out loud a few times, and I also cried more than once, which is always a good recommendation I think. It was an easy read and very current, with like-able characters and a really relate-able heroine. Will have to look out the sequel now!

Got a teaser this week or have you read Sofia Khan? What did you think?


  1. Good teaser! It sounds like an interesting book. Going to have to add it to my TBR. Thanks for coming by.

  2. Replies
    1. It was fun, she's a great character, haha

  3. Yayyy, I'm so glad you enjoyed this book! I actually still haven't read Bridget Jones, but if it's similar to this, I'm definitely interested.

    1. It was really good fun :) And Bridget Jones is great - although very 90's so a bit dated I guess!

  4. Haven't heard of this book (or author!), but the cover is SUPER cute. :)

    1. I think it was her debut novel! I love the cover too :)


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