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This blog has turned into nothing but reviews again, which isn't a surprise, but what might surprise you, is that I do occasionally do things other than read and watch TV (I know, shock horror) and last week I went to the Nashville Tour! If you're not aware, Nashville is an American TV drama about the country music industry - and if you appreciate great writing and acting, engaging characters, soapy story-lines and country music you should definitely try it! (Although season 5 is pretty dire, got to be honest.) I've been a 'Nashie' since season one and I'm not the only one in my family, so when the tickets came on sale we couldn't resist.

*In case you're planning to go to another of the UK shows, the following contains set-list SPOILERS* 

 On Friday my two sisters, my mum, dad and I, traveled down to Birmingham's Barclaycard arena (Gunnar wasn't doing the Manchester show) to indulge our mutual love of ABC's Nashville and its music. And it was fab. Featuring Charles Esten (Deacon) Clare Bowen (Scarlett) Sam Palladio (Gunnar) Jonathon Jackson (Avery) and Chris Carmack (Will) it was well worth the journey - they're all so talented! I was a bit worried, having only seen the cast sing on TV, that'd they be underwhelming live, but they were all fantastic. Scarlett particularly, I think (Black Roses gave me chills) but the big surprise was Avery. Got to admit, I always skip his songs on the albums, but he was great. He did a gospel number that got possibly the biggest reaction of the night - which is amazing really considering it wasn't one of the songs from the show. Deacon opened, with a song called 'Buckle up' (is it in season 5? Because I didn't recognise it?) and although I would have liked something familiar to open (Will went next with 'What if I was Willing', that might have been better?) he really sold it. I think Charles Esten was my favourite overall - very cheesy and charming. And he just looked so excited to be out there on stage. I love his voice too - it's a proper country voice.

If I had a complaint about the night, it would be that I wished they'd done less of their own material, and more songs from the show. I know they want to promote their own stuff, and they don't just want to be their characters all the time, but come on. It's called the Nashville tour, isn't it? Saying that, some of their original stuff was great - Sam Palladio's Wake me up in Nashville was lovely, I definitely think he's got what it takes to be a decent songwriter. Still, my highlights were all songs I know and love - Black Roses, What if I was Willing, Deacon singing Simple as That, and the Triple X's reforming for Borrow my Heart! Of course, if they hadn't done a Scarlett/Gunnar duet we would all have been fuming, and we did finally get what we wanted (Fade into You!) They did feature two other of the duets...except Gunnar sang 'I Will Fall' on his own, and Scarlett sang Longer...with her fiancee? He was good, in fairness, but I wasn't too impressed. Why exactly is he gegging in, he needs to make his own fame. We want to hear her with Gunnar, mate.

Below: Sam Palladio's 'Wake me up in Nashville' (with story) sung at the Bluebird

Kudos has to go to the band too - and the others did mention them at every opportunity, which was nice. I liked that the cast still seem so excited and grateful to be playing to (packed out - don't judge by the top picture, we were there quite early!) arenas. They come across as very sweet and down to earth (although Will's five minute blues-guitar solo was a little bit self-indulgent - he was very, very good, and he did say thank you for 'letting him do that' multiple times, still it wasn't like we could have stopped him if we wanted). Deacon even got a bit teary eyed at the end, as the crowd sang back the words to A Life that's Good - very tunefully, I might add. It was a lovely moment, and a perfect way to finish.

Above: The gorgeous cast interviewed about the tour (minus Clare Bowen) on This Morning

Anyway, it was a great night, I was so glad I went, and I hope the cast all do well in the future. They really deserve it. Although Gunnar might want to re-think that new bleach blonde hair. I hope that's for a role.


  1. Omg I'm so jealous!! Some of your comments made me laugh (We want to hear her with Gunnar, mate -- yes we do!). I'm very, very behind on Nashville, but I think I'd still enjoy their concert. Anyway, glad to hear you enjoyed it!

    1. haha thanks! I think everyone had the same reaction when she brought the fiancee out! I'm a bit behind too, we're about halfway through season 5 here - and think the series' best days are behind it to be honest - but the music's still great :D


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