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Classic Movies starter pack: Films to try if you like...

I turned on the TV on last Sunday morning and found myself watching Casablanca. It was very near the beginning and my first thought was 'I'll just watch five minutes while I eat my breakfast'. Obviously, five minutes turned into the whole film. I'd not seen it for ages, and it's just so good. It's also got the highest number of iconic quotes I've ever heard together in one movie. (Even if you're not sure where they come from, everyone's heard "Here's Looking at You, Kid" or "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.") The thing is, classic films are considered classics for a reason, and although black and white or the hammier style of old movies can be off-putting, if you write them off just because they're old you really are missing out. I thought I'd put together a little starter pack of recommendations - films to try if you're unfamiliar with old movies and unsure where to start. Below are some …

Nashville Tour!!!!

This blog has turned into nothing but reviews again, which isn't a surprise, but what might surprise you, is that I do occasionally do things other than read and watch TV (I know, shock horror) and last week I went to the Nashville Tour! If you're not aware, Nashville is an American TV drama about the country music industry - and if you appreciate great writing and acting, engaging characters, soapy story-lines and country music you should definitely try it! (Although season 5 is pretty dire, got to be honest.) I've been a 'Nashie' since season one and I'm not the only one in my family, so when the tickets came on sale we couldn't resist.

*In case you're planning to go to another of the UK shows, the following contains set-list SPOILERS* 
 On Friday my two sisters, my mum, dad and I, traveled down to Birmingham's Barclaycard arena (Gunnar wasn't doing the Manchester show) to indulge our mutual love of ABC's Nashville and its music. And it wa…

Teaser Tuesday: Sofia Khan is Not Obliged

'Teaser Tuesday' is a link up hosted at The Purple Booker (I think - it keeps moving around!) To join in, turn to a random page in your current read and share two teaser sentences. This week I've been reading Sofia Khan is not Obliged by Ayisha Malik. I've been trying a few new books lately (I work in a library Saturday mornings so always like to take something home - because, free!) and it's been a while since something's really held my interest. But I loved Sofia Khan! Here's your quote:

'10:55pm. Of course it's not important whether someone's read Harry Potter or not. Except they must have been asleep for the better part of this century. Also, one shouldn't off-handedly disparage something they've not read. 11pm. Though I reserve the right to do so for self-published erotica. Obviously.'

The book has been described as a Muslim 'Bridget Jones' and although it sounds disparaging to compare the two, it is actually quite a go…