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Oscar dresses 2017

Last year I did a post with my sisters and my mum, 'critiquing' the Oscar dresses, although you couldn't exactly call it that. It was more like chatting random rubbish, but it was good fun, so I thought I'd record our ill-informed opinions on this year's outfits too. We've no Genevieve this year (she's away at uni in Bath) but my dad stepped in instead. Hope you enjoy! Firstly though, a disclaimer: I know all of these dresses are beautiful really, as are the people in them. And Rosie says to tell you she'd had a tooth out yesterday (or part of a tooth, the dentist yanked at it for ages but didn't manage to get the whole thing and she's been referred) so was in pain and feeling less kindly than usual. Ruth Negga
Mum: I'm not sure I liked her dress
Rosie: No I didn't.
Me: I think it's nice. I like her headband thing and the earrings. But it looks like something out of, what was that film? Crimson Peak.
Rosie: Yes.
Dad: It looks like there&#…

Top Ten Tuesday: Rom-Com's you might have missed

This week's Top Ten Tuesday is a Valentine's Day special (favourite romance tropes/types) and I thought I'd dedicate it to one of my favourite film genres - and one that's arguably a dying breed - the rom-com. In the nineties, romantic comedies were everywhere, with Nora Ephron and Richard Curtis churning out classics like they were going out of fashion. Good thing too, because they kind of did. Still, the noughties produced a few gems too, and below are some you might have missed out on. If you're looking for something new this Valentine's (as opposed to watching Notting Hill or You've Got Mail for the gazillionth time) why don't you try one of these? (Or if you'd rather avoid romance at all costs, see my list of Non-romantic films for a girls night!)

Bride and Prejudice

What it's about: Pride and Prejudice set in modern day India. Why you've not seen it: A Bollywood version of Pride and Prejudice sounds like it could be a bit gimicky - the…

'I love Austen week' tag

As it's Valentine's on Tuesday, Hamlette at Hamlette's Soliloquy is running an 'I love Jane Austen' week, and I thought I'd join in, since the tag looked fun. Here're my answers to her questions... (note: I had to change all the 'favorite's to the English spelling, because it was killing me.)

1.Which did you experience first, a Jane Austen book or a movie based on one?
My first Jane Austen 'experience' was the 1995 Pride and Prejudice. I must have been quite young, because I can't remember a time when I hadn't seen it. I waited a while to read the books though, and I started with Northanger Abbey - which I read when I was maybe fourteen/fifteen?

 2.  What is your favourite Austen book?
Pride and Prejudice. Which is a boring answer, but true. It's the funniest, lots of dialogue - and I found it easiest to read because I already knew the story and the characters so well.

 3.  Favourite heroine?  Why do you like her best?
Ooh, this is …

What I'm Watching: Endeavour

Series four of itv's Endeavour - a 1960's set detective series and prequel to Inspector Morse - reached it's finale a couple of weeks back (a fifth series has already been announced.) And I've finally begun to pay attention. Usually, I'm not the biggest fan of detective shows. They're grim, they're too long and I never guess who did it anyway. But my family have been big Endeavour fans since the pilot, so I've previously watched the series with half an eye. This time however, I put my laptop/book down and decided to give young Morse the attention he deserved. And I'm glad I did. I've gone right back to the beginning now and I'm hugely enjoying every episode. Two hours long or not.

Inspector Morse, if you don't know, was a successful and long running series in the eighties and nineties, based on the crime novels by Colin Dexter. Originally played by John Thaw, the character of old Morse is already fixed in the minds of many: kind of a gr…