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Hopeful films - to make you feel like fighting

This blog is mainly for fluff and reviews, and I don't think I've ever got political. It doesn't really seem like the place for it. But the news lately has been pretty grim - borderline terrifying if I'm honest.  You get to a point where you think, maybe I should just stop watching it. There's really nothing that I can do and anyway, things can't get that bad can they?  The problem is they can, and they will if people start to treat scary things like the status quo. Anyway, sticking with the film lists and fluff, I thought I'd make up a list of films that make me feel more hopeful. Films where characters fight against injustice and win, that make you think that people are decent, and if you do stand up and stand together you can make change. Cheesy I know, and this isn't a particularly highbrow list (I still love my cartoons...) But, they're films that make me feel something. Give them a watch and see if you feel inspired!

Casablanca Casablanca may…

What I'm Watching: Lovesick

In theory, Lovesick, my newest Netflix discovery, sounds pretty dire. In summary, it's a British comedy drama about a twenty-something man who discovers he has an STI and is obliged to contact all of his past partners to break the bad news. Yeah. That's the premise. But bear with me. Each episode begins in the present day and then flashes back to tell the story of the girl of the moment. Dylan (Johnny Flynn, our protagonist) is contacting them in alphabetical order, so it's not chronological and we're fed bits of information gradually, which all link in to the overarching will-they-won't they saga of Dylan and his best friend Evie (Antonia Thomas, Sunshine on Leith, The Three Musketeers). In the flashbacks we see her un-requited love for him, in the present, he's realised he feels something for her but by this point she's taken. It's all about the timing.

Despite the...unusual...premise, I was pleasantly surprised by Lovesick. There are currently two …

Disney's Cinderella: Live Action (1950) vs Cartoon (2015)

Disney's really got into the swing of these live-action re-makes now hasn't it? The Jungle Book was really well-received (see 'What I'm Watching' for more cartoon re-make comparisons) Beauty and the Beast is set to be the cinematic event of the year (I still can't decide whether I'm excited or worried!) and there are loads more lined up for the future. If they mess up Mulan, I will rage. Still, there have been no huge disasters so far, and it wasthe success of 2015's Cinderella  that really started the ball rolling. Personally, I still prefer the original, and I do worry that all these live-action versions will stop kids of this new generation from bothering with the cartoons, which would be a very sad thing. Saying that, the new film was lavish, sweet, old-fashioned entertainment and I enjoyed it very much.

Directed by Kenneth Branagh, the new film stuck to the pattern of the original Cinderella story, adding nothing you could call a new twist, but t…