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Re-Reading Harry Potter 5# The Order of the Phoenix

So I'm still working my way through the Harry Potters, currently coming to the end of 6 - so sadly I didn't get there before Cursed Child (review for that coming soon!) Still I'm enjoying them as ever, and now I don't have to rush so much anyway. I have a weird relationship with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. First time I read it I was a tiny bit disappointed - up until that point the books, for me, had just been getting better and better. Then we had the biggest wait ever after Goblet of Fire, punctured by the excitement of the first film, and the release of Fantastic Beasts and Quidditch through the Ages. Order of the Phoenix was the first time I queued outside a bookshop at midnight, it was bigger than the rest put together and it promised massive things - Voldemort was back, it was all going to be so different.... I think all that anticipation was a big part of the problem.

Book Five was good, and every time I've re-read I've enjoy…


My posts seem to have been nothing but books and films of late, but I just got back from a little jaunt to Dublin with my cousin so I thought I'd finally mix things up a bit. Our Laura rang me up a few weeks back to say there was a deal to fly for Dublin for two quid and did I want to go? Obviously, yes I did, so off we went Tuesday morning for two days. I'd been to Dublin a couple of times before, but only for a day each time so hadn't got to do much of the touristy stuff. We'd booked a Travelodge near St. Stephens Green that was really handy for the shops and Temple Bar (the main pub-y area) and also right by Trinity College. After a lot of walking in circles around the square where the bus dropped us off, we finally found where we were staying and were ready to crack on with our trip.

Day one we went to Trinity College first, home of 'The Book of  Kells' and the old library. The Book is an old manuscript of the four gospels, created by Irish monks circa 800 …

Harry Potter Blogathon

So over the past few weeks I've gone a bit Harry Potter mad again. I've been re-reading the series (see previous posts!) Fantastic Beasts is out in a few days and at the end of the month I'm off to London for the Cursed Child. No better time then to participate in a 'Harry Potter Blogathon' hosted this week over at First Impressions Reviews. Have a mooch over there this week and see what people are writing - or it's not too late to join in yourself (I don't think so anyway). You can check out the details here. My post is on Friday, when I'll be reviewing Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, but because it's an adaptation I'm going to be awkward and put it up on my other blog  Based on the Book instead.

Oh, and did I mention my Cursed Child tickets came? We're probably not going to be able to see a thing from the balcony, but hey ho. I've got my binoculars ready.

Re-reading Harry Potter 4# The Goblet of Fire

So I've been re-reading my way through the Harry Potter series over the last few weeks (although I think I might have to speed it up a bit - only 17 more days until I see Cursed Child!!!) and I've been looking forward to this book most of all. Goblet of Fire has been my long-time favourite, but it's also the one I've read least recently, so I was apprehensive. What if I didn't love it as much this time around? I needn't have worried however. It has retained its place of honour! The final few chapters especially really had me gripped, despite the stupid amount of times I've read them before.

New thoughts this time:
 The tone of Goblet of Fire is different, I think, from all the other books in the series. The innocence of the early books is still present in a lot of ways, but the clouds are gathering - it feels like the beginning of something big. It's a big book and we end in a very different place from where it begins. In this one, Voldem…