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Top Ten Tuesday: What I'm Watching!

This week's TTT is a TV themed freebie. As Autumn draws in the TV always steps up it's game and there's loads of good stuff on at the moment. Here's a few of the things I've been loving. (Only got seven this week, sorry!)


So far this has exceeded my expectations for one prime reason - Rufus Sewell. Sewell plays Lord Melbourne, the Prime Minister and supposedly first love of Jenna Coleman's young Victoria. Albert comes in to it next week but I'm struggling to see how he's going to compete. This is a lavish costume drama from ITV, and I'm still smarting over the fact that I COULD HAVE BEEN AN EXTRA IN THIS. I got the call, but I was working :( Devastated.


If Rufus Sewell wasn't enough on a Sunday night, now we've got Aidan Turner to boot. They're spoiling us. Series two of Poldark is based on the second and third books, which are the most drama packed, so we're in for a good series I think. (Also, to my relief, they'…