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Liebster Questions

Thanks to Olivia from Meanwhile in Rivendellfor nominating me for a Liebster award! Been a while since I did a tag, and I had a lot of fun answering the questions :D

1.) Tell us four names (if you don't know the answer to any, just tell the ones you do know): one that your parents would have given you if you were the opposite gender, one they considered once they knew your gender, one you would choose if you got to choose your own name, and one you would NOT like to have.
If I'd been a boy I was going to be Gerard. Ged for short (feel free to judge my parents.) My favourite girls' names at the mo are Aurelia and Eilis. Least favourite...maybe Doris?

2.) If you were to adapt one of your favourite stories, what story would it be and how would you tell it? (movie, musical, webseries, play, book, etc?)

I have a list of these ten miles long. But I'd like to do My Lady of Cleeves as a mini-series and North and South as a musical - with a clog dancing scene in the mill. Nought…

Favourite Sports Films

So I hate sport. I never watch it unless I have to, but for some reason I do like the Olympics. Probably because there are so many different things to get into. I love the gymnastics, and I'll watch a lot of the more random stuff. My hatred of sport also doesn't stretch to Sporting films - competition and an underdog to support always makes for good drama, and the more random the sport the better.  So, in honour of Rio, here are some of my favourites:

Stick it The writer of Bring it on takes on the world of gymnastics, in this story of a rebellious former gymnast who returns to the sport as an alternative to jail and finds herself in training for the world championships. Good fun, great gymnastics and no pointless love interest. 
Fast Girls This is a kind-of-terrible-but-enjoyable film about a fictional girls relay team at the 2012 London Olympics (or not, as they weren't allowed to mention the year or the word 'Olympics' due to copyright reasons.) Starring Lily …

WWW Wednesdays: A Town Like Alice, After You, Harry Potter, The Prestige

WWW Wednesday is a link-up  hosted at Taking on a World of Words. To join in just answer the three W's (What have you been reading, what are you currently reading and what are you planning to read next) and post your link.

What I've been reading...
A Town Like Alice - by Nevil Shute

I had no idea what to expect from this book, all I knew was that Australia or Australians featured in some way. But I really enjoyed it - Jean Paget is my new hero. Based very loosely on a true story, this is quite an old-fashioned novel about an English girl who finds herself a prisoner of the Japanese in Malaysia during World War Two, along with a number of other women and children. It's an easy read, there's romance and the characters are good. Only problem was the racist language and attitude towards the aborigines - which was odd, considering the book wasn't racist towards the Japanese or the Malaysians. There's also an old black-and-white film - it's on my to-watch list.