Teaser Tuesday: Richard didn't do it!!

(Note: Title not a spoiler! Just my humble opinion :p You pretty much know what this book's going to be going in, and nothing's proved anyway. )

Time for another 'Teaser Tuesday', hosted by Miz B at 'Books and a Beat'. (To join in, turn to a random page of your most recent read and post two teaser sentences - no spoilers please! Leave your link in the comments over at Books and a Beat.)

On saturday the BBC showed the last installment of The Hollow Crown, a series made up of Shakespeare's history plays. They finished on a high with Benedict Cumberbatch as Richard the III, and although I don't know the play (apart from what I've picked up from references in other things - Ballet Shoes, The King's Speech, whatever) I tuned in for Benedict. Not that I'm a Cumberbitch or anything, but I was interested. Overall I thought he was great and the play was better than I was expecting - faster moving than the other Hollow Crown episodes I did watch (Richard II and Henry IV part one, if you're interested.) But still, I couldn't enjoy the experience wholeheartedly, due to Richard III's fan club on the sofa next to me (AKA my Mum and sister) who kept up a running commentary about how it was all slander and Henry VII was a dirty usurper with no claim to the throne. Apparently if I had read The Daughter of Time, like they had, I would understand. So I did read it. And they have a point.

My Teaser:

'Do you know what the town of York wrote - wrote in their records, you know - about the battle of Bosworth?'
'They wrote: "This day was our good King Richard piteously slain and murdered; to the great heaviness of this city."' 
The chatter of sparrows was loud in the quiet.
'Hardly the obituary of a hated usurper,' Grant said at last, very dry.

The Daughter of Time is an historical detective novel by Josephine Tey, that investigates the mystery of the 'princes in the tower' and the likelihood of their uncle's guilt. 1950's detective (and hero of Tey's other, more conventional, detective novels) Inspector Grant, is flat on his back in hospital after falling down a trapdoor during a police chase. He's signed off work and bored out of his brain, until a friend brings him a selection of 'faces' to look at. Since he can't solve regular crimes, why doesn't he try his hand at an historical one? He picks out Richard (above) with his 'too-conscientious' expression, and sets about trying to discover the truth behind the much maligned man. It sounds kind of boring, but I raced through it in an afternoon. It's a bit old-fashioned, and you have to get past those first few pages (which actually are boring)  but once you get into the nitty gritty it's great. The problem is we still can't know the truth for definite, and towards the end Grant became a bit biased for my liking, but I still don't think Richard did it. I was convinced. In fact the whole thing made me kind of angry. Injustice, that's what it is!! Richard seems like a good guy - and he does have a nice face, don't you think?

As a side note, another thing I noticed were all the parallels to Game of Thrones in the history. For the record, I definitely think George R.R. Martin is a Yorkist. In fact, he might even have read this book.

'The Hollow Crown' (series 2) trailer - AKA Tudor propoganda!

So what do you think? Have you read 'The Daughter of Time'? Who do you think killed the Princes? And if you've got a teaser let me know in the comments!!


  1. I'm not familiar with this one. Not my normal genre but it does intrigue me:)

    My TT from Sister Dear

    1. I didn't think it'd be my thing, but it surprised me!

  2. I haven't read Daughter of Time though I've heard of it. I've read other peripheral books that talk about Richard III and those lead me to believe he was innocent. I should give Daughter of Time a try. My teaser comes from Whirlpool by Elizabeth Lowell. Happy reading!

    1. I came to it already a bit convinced as well, but it was definitely worth reading I think :)

  3. Sounds like good historical mystery. I'll read this one.
    My Tuesday post features HANGTOWN CREEK – A Tale of the California Gold Rush.


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