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Teaser Tuesday: Funny Girl

Time for another Teaser Tuesday - a weekly meme hosted at A Daily Rhythm. Anyone can join in, all you need to do is:
 a) open your current read to a random page and share two teaser sentences.
 b) let us know the title and author and
 c) link back to the host blog and leave your link in the comments. Also, keep it spoiler free!

See my teaser below:

"And all the stuff about's like it's just been stuck on. I mean, they're always arguing, but there's no reason for them to argue, is there? They're exactly the same. And he must have known she was a bit dopey before he proposed."
She got her first laugh from Clive then.
"You can shut up," Bill said to him.

Written by Nick Hornby (author of About a Boy, High Fidelity and currently in the Oscar race for his adapted screenplay Brooklyn) Funny Girl is the story of an I Love Lucy obsessed beauty queen from Blackpool, who wants to make it in television comedy. Ditching her Miss Blackpool title, …

Period drama challenge 2016

So it's a bit late in the day, but I thought I'd join in the 'Period drama challenge' currently being hosted at Old Fashioned Charm. You can find out more about it (or even join in yourself) here. I love my historical dramas but I'm still going to play it safe and go with the 'Period film admirer' - that's the commitment to reviewing five films (or series') between now and the second of July. I might possibly do more, who knows.
I'm stretching the challenge across both my blogs, with adaptations going on Based on the Book  and originals going here. Anyway, reviews coming soon - I'll keep you posted :)

What I'm Watching: Reign

Newly returned from its mid-season hiatus, this could be the final season of the CW’s historical teen drama, Reign - but I really hope not. Based on the early life of Mary Queen of Scots and now available on Netflix UK, the show has been described as ‘Game of Thrones’ meets ‘Gossip Girl’ (accurate), dismissed as trash (sort of accurate) and criticised for its lack of historical basis in fact (there’s no denying that one) but all the same, its gathered a number of hard-core fans – and I’d count myself as one of them. Is this just a case of comfort watching? Could it be the clothes (which despite their historical inaccuracy, are gorgeous if a bit bizarre sometimes) or is there something else, some special quality that gives Reign its addictive power?

Reign is essentially a soap opera, with plots more ludicrous than I’ve seen in any other show. There’s the girl with the bag on her head who skulks about the palace, pagan plots, Nostradamus’s prophecies, a mad king who pushes women out of …

Chester Zoo

This Saturday was my sister's 21st, and instead of having a party she wanted to go to the zoo (we also went for cocktails in Liverpool later on with her friends, so the alcohol box did get ticked). Our nearest zoo is Chester and I've spent lots of happy days there over my twenty three years. It's an amazing place and as it was built out in the sticks it's been able to keep expanding over time - every time you go there's something new to see. This trip it was the 'Islands' - I can't say I was all that impressed (they haven't finished moving all the animals in yet) but it was great to see the Tigers had a new, larger enclosure - and last year's cubs are all grown up!

(*Photos are from a trip to the zoo last year with my cousins - we didn't bother with the camera this time.)

I'm sure everyone has their own favourites at Chester Zoo, a particular animal or activity that's not to be missed (when I was younger the monorail ride across the …