New blog!

When I graduated from uni - a time which now seems scarily long ago - I started a blog to keep me busy, and Based on the Book was born. The idea was to review and rate TV and film adaptations of well-known books, or books that I'd enjoyed. I never thought that I'd keep it up, but I surprised myself. And now, two years on, I thought I'd try expanding a bit more. Yes, I like books, but it'd be nice to talk about other things, now and again.

We'll Meet it When it Does - named for a Harry Potter quote about not stressing about the future - will hopefully be somewhere I can talk about all sorts - life, family, work, etc. and what I'm watching, reading and doing. I have no idea whatsoever where my life's going to go from this point, but whether it goes anywhere interesting (or not) I'll try to blog about it.

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