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Nurses, Carers and Doctors in TV and Film

With the world the way it is at the minute, our NHS and all the doctors, nurses, cleaners, carers and porters working on the front lines are to be celebrated. Things are getting scary, and the professionalism and bravery from all our key workers is something to be grateful for, even while we're worrying about them. I wanted to do a post connected in some way, so here are a few films and TV series's to celebrate them (and their historical counterparts...)  - because for once, staying at home watching TV is actually something you can do to help. Also, don't vote Tory next time. 

Call the Midwife

Hard-hitting but also strangely cosy, this BBC drama about midwives in London's East End is still running for a reason. Great characters, great writing and acting, and it makes me cry every time. 

24 Hours in A&E

This documentary series, set in an accident and emergency ward, does what it says on the tin. Not always an easy watch but usually an inspiring one. 


A hospital…

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