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The Lion King: 1994 vs 2019 review

So firstly, disclaimer: I think the Lion King is a tiny bit over-rated. I know. Deception, disgrace and all that. But it's just not my favourite okay? I like it a lot. But it's not in my top five. Now we've got that out of the way I can tell you (knowing that true Lion King stans will therefore take my declaration with a pinch of salt) that my assessment of the re-make is pretty much the same as all the other Disney live-action remakes: I really enjoyed it, it was done as well as it possibly could've been. But the original still has more magic so you do wonder whether the whole thing is a bit pointless. Also, this isn't live-action. It's fancier animation.

Still, it is AMAZING how good animation technology has gotten. The characters lose a bit of nuance in their expressions from being so life-like, but they look so cute and cuddly that I didn't mind all that much. If you loved the original I don't think you could find much else to fault, as the story w…

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