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Wizards Brunch!

Scrolling through the Independent Liverpool site a few months ago, I learned there was a Wizard's Brunch and Dinner soon to be held in the beautiful St. George's Hall. I couldn't book those tickets fast enough. It happened to be on my mum's birthday too, which gave me an excuse for shelling out. It came around fast, and none of us (me, my mum, my sister Genevieve) had a costume ready until last minute. But we each managed to rustle something together for cheap - I actually think the only thing we bought new were the radishes for my Luna Earrings.

I think putting the costumes together and seeing what other people had come as, was actually the best bit - other than that first entrance into the hall. I went as Luna, with home-made spectrespecs and Quibbler, and a wig I bought to be Daenerys last Halloween, before changing my mind. Gen went as book Ginny, with a home knitted Gryffindor hat and pom-pom Arnold the Pygmy Puff, and my mum sprayed her hair red and made a fab M…

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