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Film and TV music that gets me every time

This week's Top Ten Tuesday is "audio themed" so I thought I'd do a post about my favourite instrumental music from TV and film. Certain pieces of music always hit me with a wave of nostalgia, but some of these I like just because. Do you have a favourite film score or TV theme? Let me know in the comments!

The Rescuers Down Under

This is one of my earliest memories of actually noticing how the music in a film made me feel. The Rescuers Down Under is probably the only decent Disney sequel, and there are some amazing sequences in it. I love the opening scene, and this one with Marahute the golden Eagle. 

Homeward Bound

Nineties kids' films have the most emotional soundtracks. Is that just nostalgia or is the music as pretty as it sounds to me? I used to laugh at the way my mum never failed to cry at the end of this film ("Shadow!") but now I barely need to hear the music to get me started. 

Lord of the Rings 

Iconic, and still so lovely, no matter how many…

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