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How their decades shaped the Disney girls

Bit of a random post today, but I caught the end of The Little Mermaid on TV not long ago, and it struck me that Ariel's wedding dress was a bit like Princess Diana's. And that started off a whole train of thought. Little Mermaid was what, late eighties? The same era anyway. And thinking about it Ariel is very eighties in design, isn't she? With her big hair and big puffy sleeves. I wondered whether the trend would show up in the other Princesses. Their stories may be set in real and fictionalised 'olden times' locations - but are both their stories and their style really influenced by the fashions and fads of the last century? 

1930s: Snow White

Snow White was my first Disney Princess obsession - which is fitting, since she's the first official Disney Princess. (I think they re-released Snow White in Cinemas/on video in the early nineties?) And I sometimes get annoyed when people dismiss her as the Princess of the least substance. It's not her fault - femal…

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